What’s your view on the Internet, cable tv, and city communications?

(Also see Spanish below)

The City of Seattle wants to hear from residents about your use of the Internet , preferences in receiving information from the City and how they engage with their local government and community.

 Take the survey in English or Spanish before April 20th

  The Technology Survey covers:

•    Internet,
•    Cable TV customer satisfaction,
•    How you want to give your opinion or get info from the city
•    Social media preferences,
•    Cell phones usage,
•    Concerns about cost or security
•    High-speed Internet services

 Help us also connect with non-internet users. We encourage Internet users to help others complete the survey. For those without a computer at home, the City offers public access to computers at libraries, Neighborhood Service Centers and some community centers. Visit www.seattle.gov/tech/freeaccess.htm or call 206-684-0600 for more information. 

 Answers from this survey will help shape the City’s strategic and engagement efforts regarding cable re-franchising, the City’s web site, Seattle Channel and public outreach. It is also used by others to help plan community outreach and education programs.

 The online survey results will add to a random telephone phone survey currently underway and a series of focus groups in multiple languages. The City expects to publish comprehensive survey results this summer. Past results have been used in decisions about the Technology Matching Fund grant program, and in outreach for neighborhood planning, utility assistance and health education programs.

 For more information on this Information Technology Indicators Project, visit www.seattle.gov/tech/indicators/ or contact communitytechnology@seattle.gov or David Keyes at 386-9759 or Vicky Yuki at 233-7877.


Seattle encuesta: ¿Cuál es su opinión sobre el Internet, televisión por cable, y las comunicaciones de la ciudad de Seattle?

 La ciudad de Seattle quiere escuchar a los residentes acerca de su uso de la tecnología, las preferencias en recibir información de la ciudad y cómo se comunican con su gobierno local y la comunidad.

Tome la encuesta antes del 20 de abril en español en http://www.seattle.gov/tech/indicator2013esp.htm  o en Inglés http://www.seattle.gov/tech/indicator2013.htm

 La encuesta cubre:
• El Internet
• Satisfacción del cliente sobre la televisión por cable
• ¿Cómo desea dar su opinión o recibir información de la ciudad
• Preferencias por los medios sociales
• El uso de teléfonos celulares
• La preocupación sobre el costo o la seguridad
• Alta velocidad de servicios de Internet

Animamos a los usuarios de Internet para ayudar a otros a completar la encuesta. Para aquellos que no tienen una computadora en casa, la ciudad de Seattle ofrece acceso público a computadoras en bibliotecas, centros vecinales de servicio y algunos centros comunitarios. Visite  www.seattle.gov/tech/freeaccess.htm   o llame al 206-684-0600 para más información.

Las respuestas de esta encuesta ayudarán a dar forma a los esfuerzos estratégicos y el compromiso de la ciudad de Seattle con respecto a un nuevo contrato de televisión por cable, el sitio Web de la ciudad, el Seattle Channel y la difusión pública. Los resultados anteriores se han utilizado en las decisiones acerca del programa de subvenciones Fondo de Tecnología, y en el alcance de la planificación barrio, asistencia de servicios públicos y los programas de educación para la salud.

 Para obtener más información sobre la tecnología de la información Proyecto de Indicadores, visite www.seattle.gov/tech/indicators/ o póngase en contacto communitytechnology@seattle.gov.



Two Small and Simple Projects Fund Workshops Coming in January












You are invited to attend a January 17 workshop on upcoming matching fund opportunities for community–initiated neighborhood or technology projects. Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and Department of Information Technology are hosting a joint workshop from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center on 4408 Delridge Way SW.  The workshop will present information on the criteria and application guidelines for both the Small and Simple Projects Fund and the Technology Matching Fund. If you can’t attend this workshop, our department is hosting another workshop on the Small and Simple Projects Fund. It will be on January 29 at 6 p.m. at the Greenwood Public Library on 8016 Greenwood Ave N.  Interpretation services can be requested for either workshop by contacting us at least one week prior to the workshop.

The Small and Simple Projects Fund, part of our Neighborhood Matching Fund, awards up to $25,000 to support groups in building community relationships around a project. The application deadline is March 4 at 5 p.m. For information on the Small and Simple Projects Fund, visit www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/nmf/smallandsimple.htm  or phone 206.684.0464 or email NMFund@seattle.gov. And for information on the Technology Matching Fund, visit www.seattle.gov/tech/tmf/ or call Delia Burke at 206.233.2751.


Grant funds now available to bridge the digital divide!

The City of Seattle is offering grants to support community education and engagement projects through the Technology Matching Fund.  Grants of up to $20,000 are available.  The deadline is Tuesday, April 3.

The fund supports Technology Literacy & Access and Civic Engagement projects that reach technology underserved communities, thereby increasing, “digital inclusion.” The City’s goals are to:

Technology Literacy and Access:

  • Empower technology underserved communities so that all residents have the technology skills necessary for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services;
  • Increase technology literacy;
  • Increase access to computers, the Internet, and other information technology; and
  • Increase the creation of relevant online content.

Civic Engagement:

  • Engage individuals not usually involved in the civic process; and
  • Increase residents’ use of technology for civic engagement and community building by integrating technology tools into activities to increase awareness of community issues, to increase community problem solving and to increase interaction with government.

You are invited to attend an upcoming information session to learn more about the application process, grant requirements, and what makes a successful application.  Interpretation services will be provided for you upon request. 

Grant Information Sessions:

Thursday, March 1
Solid Ground
1501 N 45th St, Seattle,  98103
10:30am – Noon

Saturday, March 3
Delridge Community Center
4501 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, 98122 
10:30am – Noon

The City will be accepting applications after February 29 through our online grants management tool.  The grant guidelines and application link are available at http://www.seattle.gov/tech/tmf

For help with the Technology Fund application contact:

Delia Burke, Technology Matching Fund Manager
(206) 233-2751