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Transition Seattle and SCALLOPS join forces to create Carbon Neutral Neighborhoods

The Carbon Neutral Neighborhood process is being led by members of Transition Seattle and SCALLOPS (Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound) who represent groups of people  who are trying to build resilient communities and sustainability in Seattle neighborhoods. Many different kinds of groups in Seattle are working to build a sustainable city – community councils, business chambers, cultural heritage groups, religious and educational communities, garden clubs, neighborhood arts groups, sustainable community groups – Transition Seattle and SCALLOPS are dedicated to identifying and coordinating efforts of all interested people .

They ask that you please take our short survey and join the group Their website has meeting summaries and materials you can read first so that you can join right into weekly and on-line discussions!

 Name(s) of contact(s)

Cathy Tuttle, Transition Seattle, (206) 547-9569

Gene Homicki, Sustainable West Seattle, (845) 353-3511,

Jenny Heins, Sustainable Ballard,