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Bitter Lake P-Patch float wins first place in Greenwood Parade


On Wednesday, July 28, 2010, the Bitterlake P-Patch participated in the 60th Annual Greenwood Seafair Parade. This year’s theme was “Greenwood Has Talent.”  

Here’s the blow by blow on the float and parade by Lee Hewitt:

The Bitterlake P-Patch entry exhibited the  amazing talent of Green Thumbs and the transformation of a pickup truck into a rolling P-Patch.

Gloria was the skilled copilot/navigator and because of her I didn’t rear end the Ballard Eagles Girls Drill Team nor did I  run over our marching tomatoes. Gloria’s internal GPS navigated us to the parade’s finish while giving the Green Thumbs Up sign and responding back to her numerous friends along the parade route.

Ellen, aka Red Tomato,  high Green Thumbed practically every child along the parade route.  They loved her enthusiasm and great smile and anxiously waited to be high Green Thumbed by her.  There were a few who just couldn’t wait for Ellen and ran out to the street to greet her.

Margarita, aka Russet Potato, was truly Hollywood material wearing the latest in burlap potato sacks.  Among props of potatoes, corn, and tall Shasta daisies, Margarita gave the Princess potato wave with style and grace.

Darcie, aka Red Tomato, did what appeared to be a Red Tomato two-step to the rhythm of a band ahead of us.  Amazingly, Darcie was able to high Green Thumb the crowd while doing this innovative two-step.  Darcie is the Haute Couture of Green Thumbs.  She did a fantastic job creating our Green Thumbs that received so much attention.

Mark, aka Red Tomato, tends to be low key, but soon found his niche in entertaining the thousands of parade attendees. The crowd seemed to love and respond to him.  This experience possibly could foster a potential 2nd career for Mark.

Jim, rival to Seattle’s famous “Bill the Beer Man,” was the ultimate crowd pleaser.  Jim looking dapper in his green shirt, farmer’s hat and scarf, exuberantly worked both sides of the street getting Green Thumbs Up and loud cheers from the crowd.  Jim captivated the attention of all.   Jim was the official P-Patch parade entry photographer.  

If ever there were a perfect gathering of P-Patch persons to represent us before thousands of appreciative parade watchers, Jim, Mark, Darcie, Margarita, Ellen and Gloria were just that—–perfect!  A gigantic GREEN THUMBS UP to them for their dedication, enthusiasm and for an undertaking well done.  Appreciation also goes to those who participated at the signage work party.  Those signs that they created contributed to our winning a First Place Trophy.  Special thanks to Rob who supplied us with paint and art paper

Until our next successful endeavor,  Lee

To see more photos of the float and participants, click here.