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Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Awards $606,000 in Matching Funds for Neighborhood Projects

NewHolly Market Garden Pergola

NewHolly Market Garden Pergola

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods recently awarded more than $600,000 in matching funds to support neighborhood projects across the city of Seattle. Thirty-three community organizations received awards from the city’s Neighborhood Matching Fund Program for projects as diverse as street murals to street fairs. Click here to see a list of awarded projects. 

The Small and Simple Projects Fund, one of three funds managed by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, provides cash awards of up to $25,000 in matching funds to community organizations committed to fostering and building a better community. The 2013 spring awards ranged from $3,180 to $25,000, and the organizations have pledged to match the city’s $606,526 contribution with resources valued at nearly $734,838. 

“This program recognizes the dedication and volunteerism of community members working together to improve their neighborhood,” said Mayor Mike McGinn. “Whether the projects are for physical improvements or a community celebration, the community decides what it needs; and with the help f the Neighborhood Matching Fund, dedicates its time and energy to make it a reality.”

The Neighborhood Matching Fund has provided funding to the city’s neighborhoods for the past 25 years. Its contribution to neighborhoods can be seen across the city from the Fremont Troll to Georgetown’s Hat n’ Boots. Recipients of the fund match their awards through a combination of locally raised money, donated materials, and volunteer labor. In 2012, community volunteers pledged to invest $1.69 of donations and sweat equity for every $1 of taxpayer support.

“The Neighborhood Matching Fund has been emulated by cities all over the world,” said Bernie Matsuno, director of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. “What makes it so successful is the connection and engagement that happens when neighbors – who may not have known each other or been involved in a neighborhood project – come together to make improvements or create programs that benefit not only their community, but the city at large.”

The Small and Simple Projects Fund opens again to applications in the fall with a deadline of October 7. To learn more and to see the listing of 2013 Spring Small and Simple award recipients, visit