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Rainier Beach Community Members: Be sure to join Rainier Beach Moving Forward and Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition for the Rainier Beach Town Hall on April 24

Rainier Beach Town HallNote: This message is from Gregory Davis, one of the organizers. The Neighborhood Matching Fund helped to support the project.

One of the recent methods used (since 2004) to monitor and implement activity in Rainier Beach was the Rainier Beach Town Hall Meeting (RBTHM). On hiatus in 2011- 2013, the RBTHM has been one of the few venues in Rainier Beach that has welcomed all to come and share in lending a voice to what’s going on the neighborhood.  As a result of the event, a document was published and distributed that lists priorities representing Rainier Beach residents and stakeholder interests. With your help, we will re-establish the tradition of a RBTHM. We see it as an activity to renew and enhance our connection and move forward together with our shared priorities.