Seattle’s Community Involvement Commission releases 2019 Annual Report

The City of Seattle’s Community Involvement Commission (CIC) has released its 2019 Annual Report. The report details the CIC’s engagement with City of Seattle programs and departments and their top recommendations to improve equitable outreach and engagement.

“The annual report provides excellent insight into the charter and purpose of the Community Involvement Commission,” said CIC Co-Chair Chris Maykut.“ As a relatively new commission to the City of Seattle, we are continually refining and defining our work in the community; and much of what we have done and where we are going is captured in this report.”

Here is an excerpt from the 2019 Annual Report:

“The commission remains dedicated to holding the City accountable for increasing participation and engagement – especially amongst those who have been forgotten or discounted in the past. Seattle already benefits from strong local traditions of community service and innovation; our challenge is to nurture and channel those resources in ways that will provide maximal benefits to our residents and neighborhoods.”

Read the full 2019 Annual Report from the Community Involvement Commission on their website under “Reports from the Commission.”

The Community Involvement Commission (CIC) advises Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and other City departments on coordinated, citywide outreach and engagement activities. Learn more at The CIC is staffed by the Department of Neighborhoods.