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Youth are leading the way toward a cleaner, safer Duwamish River

Members of “Juntos, Si Podemos Cuidar Nuestro Río Duwamish”

“Juntos, Si Podemos Cuidar Nuestro Río Duwamish,” also known as “Together, we can care for our Duwamish River,” are a youth-led community project of Duwamish Valley Sustainability Group. For two years, we have been honored to support their work through the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund.

They’ve recently been creating a series of fun, short videos to help spread the word about the Duwamish River clean-up efforts and illustrate how community members can protect themselves and help control pollution. Throughout the project, they have been working with six bilingual youth from the Duwamish Valley who not only appear in the videos but participated in the entire production process.

Their videos include campy shorts and animations on how to prevent pollution, interviews with experts, an informational video on Source Control (below), and more.

What is Source Control?

🤓Do you know what's the first step in getting our Duwamish River clean and healthy again?👩‍🔬The experts taught us about SOURCE CONTROL, it's the process of controlling the source of contaminants that flow into the river.🔎This is important because before we clean the river, we need to make sure it won’t get contaminated again. 😍Share this video and help us spread the word. We had ton of fun making this video, hope you enjoy it!–🤓¿Saben cuál es el primer paso en proteger y limpiar nuestro Río Duwamish? 👩‍🔬Los expertos nos enseñaron sobre CONTROL DEL FUENTE DE CONTAMINACIÓN, el proceso a través de la cual se maneja las fuentes de los contaminantes que quieren llegar al río.😱Esto es importante porque antes de que podamos limpiar el río, debemos asegurar que no se contaminará de nuevo. 👍Comparta con la comunidad este video. Nos divertimos creando este video, esperamos que lo disfrute. – –

Posted by Juntos Podemos Cuidar Nuestro Rio Duwamish on Monday, February 24, 2020

“As youth members of the Duwamish Valley, we have been able to engage with our communities in ways that are personal and meaningful. These videos are just one example of creative and powerful tools to inform and educate, and ultimately lead to a cleaner, safer Duwamish River.”

– Juntos, Si Podemos Cuidar Nuestro Río Duwamish

Please join us in supporting their work by liking and sharing their videos.

Thank you to Duwamish Valley Sustainability Group for continuing to empower youth in South Park and Georgetown to become leaders and educators.

Duwamish River Opportunity Fund

Do you have an idea for a community-based project focused on improving the quality of life for communities living in the Duwamish River Valley? We are currently seeking proposals for the 2020 cycle of the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund.

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