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Help Us Improve Our Website!

We need your help to improve the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods website! We’re recruiting participants for two studies, one focused on usability and the other on accessibility.

Usability Study

If you are interested in participating in our usability study you will just need to fill out a short questionnaire. This is used to ensure we include a diverse mix of community participants. If selected, you will attend a 1-hour video call and be compensated with a $25 gift card to Seattle Farmer’s Markets.

A computer is needed for participation. You will be asked to complete tasks on a website prototype, or mock-up design of a website. The study will be scheduled for early May, during a day and time that works with your schedule.   

Interested? Complete our short questionnaire. Recruitment for the Usability study is closed. If you are interested in the Accessbility Study, see below.

Accessibility Study

If you identify as someone with a disability, we’d like to include you in a study when our site is more ready for interaction so that you can use any tools or assistive devices you may normally use to accomplish the tasks we ask. This study will be later in the year but we are gathering interest right now.  Compensation will be provided. 

Questions? Email