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Public meeting scheduled to discuss zoning modification at John Muir Elementary School

The public is invited to discuss the development plans for John Muir Elementary School located at 3301 S. Horton St. The in-person meeting will be held on Monday, Dec. 11, at 6 p.m. in the library at John Muir Elementary. Participate virtually in this Dec. 11 meeting. The Seattle School… [ Keep reading ]

International Special Review District announces results of annual election

The annual election for the International Special Review District (ISRD) Board was held by mail, with ballots tabulated on the evening of Tuesday, November 21. Seattle Department of Neighborhoods received a total of 118 ballots. Three positions were up for election and the results are as follows: Candidate terms will… [ Keep reading ]

Land Back, Fish Back

by Rena Priest Welcome to Indian Country Where is Indian Country? It’s everywhere we stand. It’s anywhere we dance. It’s where the earth loves the feel of our feet. Welcome to Indian Country. What does that mean? It means this is where we lift our voice in song and make… [ Keep reading ]

landback 4 dummies

“Land Back? What does it mean? Is it the new organic, locally sourced, farm to table vegan kombucha? Is it perhaps some sort of small-pitted fruit you got in the Fremont farmers market? Find out as famed Anti-Intellectual, Intellectual Howie Echo-Hawk shares their middling diatribe and wandering, miscellaneous thoughts on… [ Keep reading ]

How Gumbo took the Land Back

by Christopher Rachal When I think of Land Back I think of my Ancestors. I try to remember them each day. How they came together in the midst of war, slavery, genocide. Things we don’t like to think about somehow bound them together. All that grief spilling off that Trail… [ Keep reading ]

Land Back from Turtle Island to Palestine

by Luna Reyna Indigenous people telling our own stories is healing for past, present, and future generations—of both Native and non-Natives. Expressing the conditions of an unjust society and facilitating healing is vital for true liberation, not just Native liberation, but for all people impacted by systems of white supremacy…. [ Keep reading ]

Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board Announces Candidates for Annual Election

The Ballard Avenue Landmark District (BLD) Board is hosting its annual election of board members. The election will be held by mail-in ballot only. There will be no in-person voting. Community members who are registered for this election will receive a ballot and self-addressed stamped envelope by mail. Physical ballots… [ Keep reading ]

Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board Notice of Election

The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON) Historic Preservation Program conducts an annual election for the selection of Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board members who have been nominated by the community. All residents, persons who operate businesses, and property owners in the Ballard Avenue Landmark District, who have registered to vote… [ Keep reading ]