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Progress report available on the Casa Latina Good Neighbor Agreement

The purpose of the Casa Latina Good Neighborhood Agreement (GNA) is to establish and maintain regular and constructive communication between Casa Latina and the surrounding community neighborhood to address issues associated with Casa Latina’s move to 17th & Jackson.  The implementation of the agreement is dependent upon all partners following through on the roles and responsibilities laid out in the body of the Agreement.  A 2007-2009 progress report is available on this Good Neighbor Agreement.  To read the report, click here.

The City of Seattle supports public safety, invests in programs that help people gain independence and success and supports an improved quality of life for the people of Seattle.  To that end, the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DoN) works to bring government closer to the residents of Seattle by engaging them in civic participation; helping them become empowered to make positive contributions to their communities, and by involving more of Seattle underrepresented residents, including communities of color and immigrants, in civic discourse, processes, and opportunities.  The partnership with Casa Latina supports people gaining independence, empowering positive contributions to the community and supporting public safety.