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We want to hear your Stories in Place

Is there a particular place in Seattle that holds special meaning for you? A place that grounds and connects you? We want to hear about it! Our city is full of unique places that play a significant role in shaping our communities and our individual and collective identities. Some of… [ Keep reading ]

Picardo P-Patch Partners with Sand Point Family Housing to Bring Fresh Produce, Herbs, and Flowers to Residents

The Giving Garden system has been an integral part of the P-Patch Community Gardening Program since its creation in 1973. Each year, tens of thousands of pounds of fresh, organic produce is donated to food banks and meal programs across the city. Last year, Seattle’s first P-Patch, Picardo Farms, made… [ Keep reading ]

Wallingford Porchfest brings community together for live performances from (you guessed it) porches.

Earlier this summer, people gathered on front lawns and along sidewalks in Wallingford for Porchfest, a live music event where artists performed from resident porches throughout the neighborhood. The event started during the pandemic as a way for people to gather and socialize safely, while giving musicians an opportunity to… [ Keep reading ]

Charity Ranger Finds Accessible Gardening Space and a Welcoming Community at Thomas Street P-Patch

Disability Pride Month is celebrated each July and serves as an opportunity to honor the history, experiences, achievements, and struggles of the disability community. This July, we sat down with P-Patch Community Gardener Charity Ranger and her caregiver, Kay, to chat about how the accessibility features at the Thomas Street… [ Keep reading ]

Judkins P-Patch gardener Shawn Young believes in the power of food and community

Shawn Young, Judkins P-Patch How long have you been gardening at Judkins P-Patch and how did you get started? I’m pretty sure I started in ’95 because that was the year we moved to this neighborhood. We’d moved here from Boston because we had a friend who had also lived… [ Keep reading ]

“Honor & Care” event supports and celebrates Black childcare providers

In the fall of 2022, the Seattle affiliate of the National Black Child Development Institute, BCDI-Seattle organized an event that served and celebrated Black childcare providers. The event, Honor & Care, focused on sharing resources and information and recognizing the hard work and dedication of workers in the childcare industry…. [ Keep reading ]

Restaurant 2 Garden supports Danny Woo Community Gardeners with compost from neighborhood restaurants’ food scraps

The pilot project, Restaurant 2 Garden is working to create a hyper-local system where food waste from eateries in the Chinatown International District are brought to the Danny Woo Community Garden, composted on site, and distributed to the garden members. The majority of gardeners at Danny Woo are seniors and… [ Keep reading ]

2023 Community Wealth Building Pilots: A Community-controlled Fund for BIPOC-owned Businesses in the Central District

This article was written by Laura Nash and People’s Economy Lab and originally published at It is republished here with permission from People’s Economy Lab. Dennis Comer, executive director of Central Area Collaborative (CAC), wants elected leaders and policymakers to know three things: What you’re doing to help small BIPOC-owned… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories Pride Edition: I Really Do…A Pride Story

I Really Do…A Pride Story by Olisa Enrico They were everything. When I was young, I imagined the feeling but didn’t quite reach the depth of the moment. They were all things. Love, hope, change, resistance, standing at the altar of commitment of “I will not do life without you”,… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories Pride Edition: The 1992 Battle over Seattle Pride’s Name to Include Bisexual and Transgender

The 1992 Battle over Seattle Pride’s Name to Include Bisexual and Transgender by Will Ross The year 1991 had been a turbulent one for Seattle’s lesbian and gay community. AIDS deaths were soaring; anti-gay violence on Capitol Hill had reached epidemic levels; and lesbian and gay military personnel were being… [ Keep reading ]