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Reimagine Seattle: Jessica Ramirez

Slow Down words and video by Jessica Ramirez The majority of the last year was spent understanding, and being more keenly aware than ever of, the movements of other people. Most of us were forced to stop, pause, and reorient to a place where we had to think not only… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Lanvin Andres

Resilience in the midst of a pandemic by Lanvin Andres Pre-COVID-19, our senior center, the IDIC Filipino Senior and Family Services, was the place to be. More than 600 seniors from all over the city and county participate in its activities and avail themselves of its services every year. There… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Jessixa Bagley

Walks with My Son words and illustration by Jessixa Bagley I never knew there were six-year-old gear heads, but that is my son Baxter. Wandering the familiar streets of our neighborhood in pursuit of getting outside during the pandemic is to him an excuse to look at any and all… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Raven Two Feathers

A Remembrance of the Present by Raven Two Feathers So far from ancestral lands, and yet still at home. Osiyo; nya:wëh sgë:nö’; sgę́:nǫˀ; haa marúawe; ʔi, syaʔyaʔ. Raven Two Feathers ti dsdaʔ. tul̕ ʔal čəd ti Tiwa occupied territory. Tsalagi čəd čəda Onödowáʼga꞉ čəd čəda Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ čəd čəda Nʉmʉnʉʉ. Thank… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Sweet Slow Disabled Home by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha When the Snowpocalypse hit Seattle in February 2019, I didn’t leave my house for a few weeks. Cheasty, where I live, already feels like you’re in the woods, even though you’re also in South Seattle and the Wendy’s and the light rail… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Reagan Jackson & Anastacia-Renee

The Deep End Friends Podcast: Reimagine Seattle Episode by Reagan Jackson & Anastacia-Renee Join Reagan and Anastacia for a very special episode of their podcast, The Deep End Friends. In this episode they tackle some of the questions posed by the Reimagine Seattle Storytelling Project: How have the events of… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Jamaar Smiley

Re-Imagine Seattle by Jamaar Smiley Play…Inside the retro ice cream shop integrating its way into the gentrified ground zero of Seattle’s South End.Play…Up and down the street. Where side looks from neighboring elders are replaced with sirens and sidearms.Play…In the shops that stand on their last leg. While corporate wolves… [ Keep reading ]

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Reimagine Seattle Storytelling Project

The challenges of 2020 were immense and impacted each one of us. They laid bare deep inequities and racial disparities in our culture. They changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way we show up for each other. But, most importantly, the challenges of the past… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Timothy White Eagle

Video by Timothy White Eagle Join Seattle artist Timothy White Eagle around the campfire as he shares a story about the origin of our destructive consumption habits, the importance of holding each other in community, and his hopes for a reconnection with the cosmos. Timothy White Eagle is a mixed… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Mark Mendez

The Lake City Way by Mark Mendez As I write this, my heart breaks for the seven businesses in the heart of Lake City that have just been destroyed by a fire caused by arson. The fire quickly spread throughout the building, collapsing the roof in only 30 minutes. Most… [ Keep reading ]