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Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos by Aleyda Cervantes Today I want to honor Dia de los Muertos, remembering this holiday is and always has been an Indigenous celebration. Since I was young, Dia de los Muertos has been close to my heart and identity. My family would make food, then walk… [ Keep reading ]

“La tierra es de quien la trabaja”

“La tierra es de quien la trabaja” by Eileen Jimenez My mother is Maria Cruz, my grandmother is Eloisa and my great-grandmother is Isidora, matriarchs of the Ñätho (Otomí peoples Indigenous to the Michoacan/Guanajuato area in Mexico). My name is Eileen Jimenez. One of my favorite quotes is by the… [ Keep reading ]

Growing up at the Monterrey Restaurant

Growing up at the Monterrey Restaurant by Aeon Corvidae My brother Jeremy and I had the special privilege to grow up the same way as my mom and her siblings. We never had to worry about what we would eat, or if we would have food on the table. My… [ Keep reading ]

Let’s Start with Mofongo

Let’s Start with Mofongo by Gabriel-Bello Lawrence-Diaz “Boriqua!” is what I yell with pride. Coming to Seattle was an unexpected exploration of my identity that I didn’t know I was looking for or needed. It crept from my peripheral to a magnetic bullseye of purpose. This wasn’t a distraction or… [ Keep reading ]

Latinx Heritage Month: Salvadorean Bakery and Restaurant

When sisters Aminta Elgin and Ana Castro came to Seattle, they dreamt of opening an eatery that would provide a taste of home to Salvadoreans in the area and share the traditional meals and customs of El Salvador with the broader community. The sisters can track their passion for baking… [ Keep reading ]

Latinx Heritage Month: Somos Seattle

Founded in 2017, Somos Seattle supports and celebrates LGBTQ+ Latinx folks. By providing a framework to share resources and building an active and engaged community, Somos creates a safe space for people to connect, learn, grow, and be the best version of themselves. We recently checked-in with Ray Corona, Executive… [ Keep reading ]

Latinx Heritage Month: Cafetal Quilombo Café

Owners Heri Magdalena and Maria De Luna serve up coffee and tamales with no shortage of comfort at their Beacon Hill restaurant, Cafetal Quilombo Café. After many years of saving, the two opened Cafetal Quilombo in 2015 and have been growing their business ever since – delicious bite after delicious… [ Keep reading ]

Latinx Heritage Month: Siembra

Alex Dorros is a Seattle native on a mission to keep Seattle vibrant. Working in the restaurant industry as a sous chef and server, Alex found himself out of work when the pandemic hit. His mom, Sandra, decided to hang up her hat as a Spanish teacher around the same… [ Keep reading ]

Latinx Heritage Month: Jake Prendez

Latinx Arts In The Northwest: My Chicano Art Journey by Jake Prendez Latinx arts in Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest is a vibrant, dynamic, and rapidly growing movement. Yet Chicanx and Latinx Artists do not receive the visibility and recognition we are due by the greater arts community and… [ Keep reading ]

Latinx Heritage Month: Cecelia “Mousy DeVilla” DeLeon

Home by Cecelia “Mousy DeVilla” DeLeon Born and raised in WA, I’ve been here all of my life. I grew up in White Center, where I bussed through South Park on the 60 as a teenager. In all my years living in the area, I’ve seen growth and change within… [ Keep reading ]