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Seattle P-Patch Community Remembers Yao Fou Hinh Chao’s 25 Years of Service

For more than 25 years, Yao Fou Hinh Chao selflessly contributed to the P-Patch community by supporting over 800 immigrant gardeners with backgrounds ranging from Lao, Iu Mien, Vietnamese, Khmu, Hmong, Russian, and Latino. He mentored gardeners in crop rotation, garden planning, fertilization, organic soil practices, soil building, composting, harvesting,… [ Keep reading ]

We want to hear your Stories in Place

Español Tiếng Việt Is there a particular place in Seattle that holds special meaning for you? A place that grounds and connects you? We want to hear about it! Our city is full of unique places that play a significant role in shaping our communities and our individual and collective… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories: A Filipino Perspective of Black-Filipino Solidarity in Seattle

A Filipino Perspective of Black-Filipino Solidarity in Seattle by Jasmine M. Pulido When I was growing up, people like me were missing in American history books. The legacy of Filipino Americans’ contributions to larger social movements on local, national, and international levels was completely muted. More importantly, the cross-cultural solidarity… [ Keep reading ]

Share Your Stories About the History of Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Community

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is looking to commission individual community members to participate in a special LGBTQ+ version of their Seattle Histories Storytelling Project. Those with connections — currently or historically — to Seattle’s LGBTQ+ community are encouraged to submit story ideas by May 1, 2023. The Seattle Histories project… [ Keep reading ]

Beacon Food Forest Helps Family Maintain Connection to Agricultural Roots of Mam Culture

English version Recientemente hablabamos con Nazario y Everilda, horticultores del huerto comunitario de Beacon Food Forest P-Patch, para aprender más sobre la cultura Mam, su infancia en Guatemala y su arraigada conexión con el cultivo de los alimentos. Everilda y Nazario están orgullosos de ser parte de la gente Mam,… [ Keep reading ]

Amplify acts of kindness: Submit a nomination for Neighbor Day 2023

Español Tiếng Việt 简体中文 繁體中文 한국어 af Soomaali Tagalog Generosity, empathy, and kindness are essential to a healthy, thriving community. As we continue to rebuild and reconnect after several challenging years, we want to highlight stories about the ways community members across Seattle have gone above and beyond to give… [ Keep reading ]

Like Fine Wine, Black Joy Over Time: The Necessity of Black Joy Narratives to Black Liberation

Like Fine Wine, Black Joy Over Time: The Necessity of Black Joy Narratives to Black Liberation by Nacala Ayele As a Joy Actualization Coach for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, I define joy as the internal sense of well-being, satisfaction, and contentment that is independent of external circumstances. For… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagining Black History Month

Reimagining Black History Month by Reagan Jackson The earliest memory I have of celebrating Black History Month was in the fourth grade. I attended a predominantly white school in Middleton, Wisconsin. One day my mom noticed my backpack was much heavier than usual. She asked why I was taking so… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories: Seattle “The City of Clocks”

Seattle “The City of Clocks” By Mark Mendez Mayer It is because of my great-great-uncle, Joseph Mayer, that Seattle began to be called the “City of Clocks.” By 1935, he had made over 100 street clocks in Seattle. At least 40 of those stood at one point in or around… [ Keep reading ]

Makings of a ‘Real Indian’

Makings of a ‘Real Indian’: Reflections In Anticipation of Native American Heritage Month by Eric Alipio I was recently asked the question, “What is a ‘real Indian?’ Are you a ‘real Indian?’” Much to my chagrin, this wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked who’s Indian and who’s not. And… [ Keep reading ]