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Black History Month: Yodahe Maaza

The Importance of Black History Month by Yodahe Maaza A problem in Seattle, and many other places, that needs to be addressed is mental health within Black communities. There is an omnipresent stigma in the Black community around mental health. There is no talk about it, just silence, making individuals… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Lincoln Wilmore

Happy Black History Month. But Know the TRUTH – We Are Amazing 24/7 365 (PASS IT ON) By Lincoln Wilmore Being Black in America can be complicated, misunderstood, powerful, and empowering. I would like to take this time to share my views and take you on a journey to empower,… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Phyllis Ratcliff-Beaumonte

Remembering Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. , Baptist Preacher and Civil Rights Leader By Phyllis Ratcliff-Beaumonte Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. has been underrated as a key player in the struggle for equality and civil rights for African Americans.  Today, very few young people know anything about him except those living in… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Paula Harris-White

My Gardening Story by Paula Harris-White Gardening has been a part of my life since I was a child. Every generation had a garden. My great grandparents owned a farm in Brooklyn before the turn of the 20th Century. Despite having to call on the police for protection from their… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Ganesha Gold Buffalo

Building Right Relationship with the Land by Ganesha Gold Buffalo Growing up in the Rural South as a Black/Afro-Indigenous, Fat, Disabled, Two-Spirit, Intersex Trans Girl– I found myself gravitating toward the attention and lessons offered by my natural surroundings rather than that of relatives, neighbors, friends, and peers. I was… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: LaNesha DeBardelaben

Five Lessons from the Past: How History Can Inspire a More Equitable Future by LaNesha DeBardelaben It is to history that we owe our frames of reference, our identities, and our aspirations. James Baldwin History is full of trauma, tragedies, trials, and triumphs. The closer we look at history, the… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Black Future Co-op Fund

Inspired by the racial justice uprising in June 2020, the Black Future Co-op fund was founded by four Black, female leaders with a vision for radical change to advance Black-led solutions that ignite generational wealth, health, and well-being for Black communities across the state. The Black Future Co-op Fund is… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: The Cayton-Revels Family

It is well known that history books are deeply stained with racism and bigotry. This is true across the nation and is no different here in Seattle. That is why so few people have heard of Susie Revels and Horace Cayton. Horace Cayton was the child of a Mississippi slave… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: “We hold history in our blood.”

by Patricia “Chookenshaa” Allen-Dick I was blessed to be raised by my grandmother and to have met my maternal great grandparents in my lifetime. I will never forget my great grandpa’s words “We are the embodiment of United States history. We hold history in our blood.” My family’s story is… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Wa Na Wari

For more than 50 years, the blue Craftsman located at 911 24th Ave in the Central District was home to many different extended family members of Frank and Goldyn Green, who purchased the house in 1951. When Inye Wokoma became the guardian of his family’s estate in 2016, he began… [ Keep reading ]