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Seattle Histories Pride Edition: I Really Do…A Pride Story

I Really Do…A Pride Story by Olisa Enrico They were everything. When I was young, I imagined the feeling but didn’t quite reach the depth of the moment. They were all things. Love, hope, change, resistance, standing at the altar of commitment of “I will not do life without you”,… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories Pride Edition: The 1992 Battle over Seattle Pride’s Name to Include Bisexual and Transgender

The 1992 Battle over Seattle Pride’s Name to Include Bisexual and Transgender by Will Ross The year 1991 had been a turbulent one for Seattle’s lesbian and gay community. AIDS deaths were soaring; anti-gay violence on Capitol Hill had reached epidemic levels; and lesbian and gay military personnel were being… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories Pride Edition: LGBTQ+ Country Dancing – A Radical Act of Inclusivity

LGBTQ+ Country Dancing – A Radical Act of Inclusivity by Jean Anton, Barb Buys, and Katie Gustainis Every Tuesday evening in the heart of Capitol Hill on Broadway, a group of folks spanning the spectrums of age, race, gender, and sexuality warmly greet each other inside All Pilgrims Church. The… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories Pride Edition: Lifelong Thrift

Lifelong Thrift By Angus Henderson The text below is transcribed from audio interviews with members of the Lifelong Thrift community facilitated by store employee Angus Henderson. Angus Henderson: My name is Angus Henderson, and for the last year I’ve been working at Lifelong Thrift Store. I wanted this job because… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories Pride Edition: From Singapore to Seattle

From Singapore to Seattle – an immigrant’s journey to healthcare and fashion integration By Victor Loo “千里之行,始于足下 – A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is a common saying that originated from a Chinese proverb. The quotation is from Chapter 64 of the 道德经 (Dao De… [ Keep reading ]

Laughing in the Face of Adversity

by Fania Sipili A reflection. The road of a nonprofit worker doing community organizing and outreach presents its own set of unique challenges. Growing alongside the work, the more we learned the more we had to unlearn. My challenge did not present itself at first. However, as my analysis around… [ Keep reading ]

Moving and Growing Along with UTOPIA

Written by staff of UTOPIA WA A Washington transplant via O’ahu, Hawai’i, Jaron Goto serves as UTOPIA Washington’s Communications Manager. Jaron brings experience in sales, management, makeup artistry and has a Bachelors in Marketing from the University of Hawai’i – Mānoa. Jaron enjoys the beauty in this world and enjoys… [ Keep reading ]

The Road Thus Far

by Tepatasi  Amana’iamai’ita Vaina Since 2009, UTOPIA Washington has grown into an empowering grassroots organization transitioning from serving only King County to now providing care and space for surrounding counties in hopes to provide for the greater 2SLGBTQIA+ community of Washington state. We had anticipated this outcome. The goal was… [ Keep reading ]

Setting the stage for UTOPIA Washington

Written by staff of UTOPIA Washington United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance (UTOPIA) is a queer and trans people of color-led, grassroots organization born out of the struggles, challenges, strength, and resilience of the Queer and Trans Pacific Islander (QTPI – “Q-T-pie”) community in South King County. Since 2009, UTOPIA… [ Keep reading ]

Share Your Stories About the History of Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Community

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is looking to commission individual community members to participate in a special LGBTQ+ version of their Seattle Histories Storytelling Project. Those with connections — currently or historically — to Seattle’s LGBTQ+ community are encouraged to submit story ideas by May 1, 2023. The Seattle Histories project… [ Keep reading ]