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Seattle Histories: Flowers Need Sunlight

Flowers Need Sunlight by Cleopatra Cutler This is a love letter. The Seattle Histories project is about places, people, and events that have shaped the history of Seattle’s communities, with a particular focus on stories that have not been prioritized in mainstream media or have been left out of the… [ Keep reading ]

Pride Profile: The Kismet Co. Salon

Lisa Clarno is the owner of The Kismet Co. Salon in Ballard. She is committed to creating a safe space for everyone by offering non-gendered pricing and outdoor styling services. We recently caught up with Lisa to learn a little more about herself and her salon. Can you tell us… [ Keep reading ]

Becoming better, together

by sonj basha Pride was inspired by a riot in New York City. If that brick was thrown through the glass window of a beloved cafe on Capitol Hill Seattle, would Marsha P. Johnson be celebrated as a change-maker or criticized as a local troublemaker? Juneteenth is now a federal… [ Keep reading ]

Pride Profile: UTOPIA (United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance)

UTOPIA (United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance) Washington is a queer and trans people of color-led, grassroots organization born out of the struggles, challenges, strength, and resilience of the Queer and Trans Pacific Islander community in South King County. We recently caught up with UTOPIA’s Community Care Program Manager, Fania… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories: We All Have Different Memories

We All Have Different Memories by Clare Johnson 1. There’s a lot I don’t know I was born in Seattle just as the first signs of HIV were surfacing here. I could say I never knew a world without AIDS, but at the same time, I also don’t know exactly… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories: The Coffee Messiah by Timothy White Eagle

In this latest entry for the Seattle Histories storytelling project, Timothy White Eagle tells the story of opening and running Seattle’s Coffee Messiah and all the beautiful connections he made with artists and friends. The Coffee Messiah appeared on Seattle’s queer scene in 1995 and found its community in outsider… [ Keep reading ]

Latinx Heritage Month: Somos Seattle

Founded in 2017, Somos Seattle supports and celebrates LGBTQ+ Latinx folks. By providing a framework to share resources and building an active and engaged community, Somos creates a safe space for people to connect, learn, grow, and be the best version of themselves. We recently checked-in with Ray Corona, Executive… [ Keep reading ]

Celebrating Pride: Queer the Land

Queer the Land (QTL) is a collective working to directly address the root causes and power structures that marginalize and displace queer, trans, and Two-Spirit Black, Indigenous, people of color (QT2BIPOC). With a focus on land access and housing for the QT2BIPOC community, the collective’s mission is to create a space for affordable transitional and semi-permanent housing anchored by a community center. Recently, QTL acquired a… [ Keep reading ]

Celebrating Pride: Seattle Counseling Service

Equitable access to affordable mental health resources and programs is a problem that significantly impacts marginalized communities. As the oldest LGBTQ focused mental health agency in the world, Seattle Counseling Service provides mental health and wellness services as well as offers an array of programs focused on substance use, harm… [ Keep reading ]

Celebrating Pride: Queer-owned Bebop Waffle Shop

Bebop Waffle Shop is a queer and woman-owned café on the corner of California and Admiral in West Seattle. Corina Luckenbach opened the shop (originally called Admiral Bird Café) with her business partner, Heidi Herr, in 2014. Now in sole ownership of Luckenbach, and named after her beloved wiener dog, Bebop, the café has grown into a hub known for its exceptional breakfast sandwiches and coffee, and welcoming atmosphere for all neighbors, especially LGBTQ+ folks… [ Keep reading ]