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Restaurant 2 Garden supports Danny Woo Community Gardeners with compost from neighborhood restaurants’ food scraps

The pilot project, Restaurant 2 Garden is working to create a hyper-local system where food waste from eateries in the Chinatown International District are brought to the Danny Woo Community Garden, composted on site, and distributed to the garden members. The majority of gardeners at Danny Woo are seniors and… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories Pride Edition: From Singapore to Seattle

From Singapore to Seattle – an immigrant’s journey to healthcare and fashion integration By Victor Loo “千里之行,始于足下 – A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is a common saying that originated from a Chinese proverb. The quotation is from Chapter 64 of the 道德经 (Dao De… [ Keep reading ]

Laughing in the Face of Adversity

by Fania Sipili A reflection. The road of a nonprofit worker doing community organizing and outreach presents its own set of unique challenges. Growing alongside the work, the more we learned the more we had to unlearn. My challenge did not present itself at first. However, as my analysis around… [ Keep reading ]

Moving and Growing Along with UTOPIA

Written by staff of UTOPIA WA A Washington transplant via O’ahu, Hawai’i, Jaron Goto serves as UTOPIA Washington’s Communications Manager. Jaron brings experience in sales, management, makeup artistry and has a Bachelors in Marketing from the University of Hawai’i – Mānoa. Jaron enjoys the beauty in this world and enjoys… [ Keep reading ]

AANHPI Month: Ohsun Banchan Deli & Cafe

Growing up, Sara Upshaw had some difficulty communicating with her grandmother, Oh Sun Pak, due to a language barrier. But, like many families, food is the connection that forges bonds that last for generations. Sara “grew up knowing how to feed a crowd” from being at family gatherings with her… [ Keep reading ]

AANHPI Month: Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House

Opened in 2008, Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House is an anchor of delicious food and community in Seattle’s Chinatown. Owner and Master Chef Mr. Huang and his family and staff serve up chicken, duck, and pork barbequed in the traditional Chinese style; a wide variety of noodle, rice, and vegetable… [ Keep reading ]

The Evolving History of Labels for South Asian Identities in the US

The Evolving History of Labels for South Asian Identities in the US By Olympia Bhatt My arrival in this country came at a time when the lack of decorum in political discourse was at its pinnacle along with some deep-rooted xenophobia that was playing out in American politics. America had… [ Keep reading ]

An Adivasi in Seattle

An Adivasi in Seattle by Rita Meher It was a frigid February morning on February 21, 2023, as I stood outside Seattle City Hall, shaking with anticipation. I was about to reveal something I had never shared with my friends and family in Seattle, where I have lived for 25… [ Keep reading ]

Chronicling South Asian Stories: Tasveer Celebrates AANHPI Heritage Month with Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Written by Olympia Bhatt, Marketing and Communications Lead – Tasveer This year’s AANHPI theme, Advancing Leaders Through Opportunity, powerfully connects the American dream and the notion of America as a land of opportunity to the professional sphere, emphasizing our organization’s crucial role in providing advancement opportunities. Tasveer has always been… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories: A Filipino Perspective of Black-Filipino Solidarity in Seattle

A Filipino Perspective of Black-Filipino Solidarity in Seattle by Jasmine M. Pulido When I was growing up, people like me were missing in American history books. The legacy of Filipino Americans’ contributions to larger social movements on local, national, and international levels was completely muted. More importantly, the cross-cultural solidarity… [ Keep reading ]