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Our 2023 Community Impacts and Setting Our Aspirations for 2024

The City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON) proudly stands as a beacon of community empowerment and positive transformation. Over the past 12 months, DON has been at the forefront of impactful initiatives, contributing significantly to the well-being of our diverse communities.

  • In alignment with Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI), we supported BIPOC communities by addressing their unique needs and fostering an environment of inclusivity.
  • We responded to the disaster relief needs of South Park families impacted by flooding and connected them to emergency resources.
  • We advanced our food equity goals by investing $2 million in community-led projects.
  • We amplified community voices through storytelling projects that celebrated the richness of our diverse narratives and strengthened the bonds that tie us together.
  • Additionally, DON played a crucial role in preserving Seattle’s rich history, safeguarding the cultural heritage that makes our city unique.

Looking Back

Here are some highlights of how Department of Neighborhoods (DON) connected to and supported community in 2023: 

Asian woman holding a shovel while standing in a garden.

P-Patch Gardening

More than 33,438 pounds of produce donated to local food banks and meal programs through the P-Patch Giving Garden Program.

5 people in t-shirts that read "urban Fresh Food Collective" standing behind a table filled with produce at an outdoors market
Cultivate South Park’s Urban Fresh Food Collective (2022 Food Equity Fund Grantee)

Food Equity

City of Seattle’s Food Equity Fund invests $2 million in 21 community-initiated projects.

Movies by the Tower funded by Neighborhood Matching Fund

Neighborhood Matching Fund

City of Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund invests $990,533 in 23 projects led by community.

A group of 10 people standing together and smiling in front of three posters with titles "Inmigracion. Salud Mental. and Vivienda"

BIPOC Community Wealth Building

2023 Community Wealth Building Pilots: Becoming a Spanish-language Resource for Cooperative Development.

2023 Community Wealth Building Pilots: Building & Retaining Wealth Among African American Legacy Homeowners in Seattle.

archival photo of a family on a front porch. A Filipino woman in a white dress and a Black man in military uniform stand on either side of five Black-Filipino children who are seated on a step.
The Jenkins Family at Fort Lawton (Discovery Park), Photo provided by Filipino American National Historical Society

Historic Preservation

Seattle Histories Pride Edition: I Really Do…A Pride Story by Olisa Enrico

Seattle Histories: A Filipino Perspective of Black-Filipino Solidarity in Seattle by Jasmine M. Pulido

Seattle Histories Pride Edition: The 1992 Battle Over Seattle Pride’s Name to Include Bisexual and Transgender by Will Ross

Seattle Histories Pride Edition: From Singapore to Seattle by Victor Loo

illustration of Black woman. She has turquoise earrings and is smiling. Adjacent text reads "Reagan Jackson. Reimagining Black History Month"

Community Storytelling

Azul y Marrón: To Be Latinx in Seattle by Claudia Castro Luna

How Gumbo Took The Land Back by Christopher Rachal

Chronicling South Asian Stories: Tasveer Celebrates AANHPI Heritage Month with Seattle Department of Neighborhoods by Olympia Bhatt

Delivering New Worlds: Black Doulas Talk about Black Futures – Event Recording

Asian woman with long hair, wearing a white blouse and standing in front of a blue background

Looking Forward

As we move into 2024, all of us at Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON) aim to deepen our relationships with Seattle’s diverse communities, connect Seattle residents to valuable resources, and continue to make this city an incredible place to live. Here’s how we plan to elevate our service to the city in 2024:

  • Expand our civic engagement program to connect diverse neighborhoods and communities to each other.
  • Grow our community wealth-building strategies in alignment with our historic preservation districts.
  • Using racial equity as a guiding principle to make the Neighborhood Matching Fund community review process more inclusive and accessible.
  • Nurture resilient relationships with historically underrepresented communities so they can continue to invest in community-led solutions and build community capacity.
  • Partner with philanthropic organizations committed to advancing our One Seattle goals.  

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