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Northwest Native Artist and Carver creates imagery for Indigenous Advisory Council

The Indigenous Advisory Council (IAC), which was formed in 2022, just celebrated their first full year of collaboration. This year, they collaborated with the Office of Intergovernmental Relations to host the first Tribal Nations Summit, which resulted in plans and actions including those that further their mission to be a culturally grounded public commission that acts as a trusted advocate, advisor, and connector among City partners on issues impacting Tribal and urban Native communities.   

This year, Northwest carver and artist, Andrea Wilbur-Sigo (Squaxin Island and Skokomish) has generously created artwork to serve as a logo.  This logo is an image that represents the spirit of the work that the Council is doing.  

Here are her words on the meaning of the images she has created: 

“Here on the Salish Seas we are so blessed to have the resources we have and there is no better example of our feast than our Shellfish. It represents the power we have when we all come together to a meal, a meal that could be in the form of food or thoughts, and most important, the meal of ideas to better serve our community.  We give hands up to welcome, thank, and protect and also hands up to better the next generation.  Together we can lead with our hearts, and to and strengthen a brighter future.  We can add to the foundation that was left for all of us and celebrate each other’s ideas. 

This design represents a basket of clams and hands up as a way we, as Native people, thank each other, protect each other, and respect each other.  All designed with Salish Flow.”

Andrea Wilbur-Sigo

Andrea Wilbur-Sigo is an active member of the Squaxin Island Tribe (based around Shelton, Western Washington). Her artworks reflect her heritage and its strong artistic community. She serves her tribe as a member of the education committee and board member of the Tribal Museum. She teaches Coast Salish art classes to children and adults. 
Learn more about Andrea and her art at
Photo of Andrea Wilbur-Sigo by Selena Kearney