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Land Back, Fish Back

by Rena Priest Welcome to Indian Country Where is Indian Country? It’s everywhere we stand. It’s anywhere we dance. It’s where the earth loves the feel of our feet. Welcome to Indian Country. What does that mean? It means this is where we lift our voice in song and make… [ Keep reading ]

landback 4 dummies

“Land Back? What does it mean? Is it the new organic, locally sourced, farm to table vegan kombucha? Is it perhaps some sort of small-pitted fruit you got in the Fremont farmers market? Find out as famed Anti-Intellectual, Intellectual Howie Echo-Hawk shares their middling diatribe and wandering, miscellaneous thoughts on… [ Keep reading ]

How Gumbo took the Land Back

by Christopher Rachal When I think of Land Back I think of my Ancestors. I try to remember them each day. How they came together in the midst of war, slavery, genocide. Things we don’t like to think about somehow bound them together. All that grief spilling off that Trail… [ Keep reading ]

Land Back from Turtle Island to Palestine

by Luna Reyna Indigenous people telling our own stories is healing for past, present, and future generations—of both Native and non-Natives. Expressing the conditions of an unjust society and facilitating healing is vital for true liberation, not just Native liberation, but for all people impacted by systems of white supremacy…. [ Keep reading ]

Beacon Food Forest Helps Family Maintain Connection to Agricultural Roots of Mam Culture

English version Recientemente hablabamos con Nazario y Everilda, horticultores del huerto comunitario de Beacon Food Forest P-Patch, para aprender más sobre la cultura Mam, su infancia en Guatemala y su arraigada conexión con el cultivo de los alimentos. Everilda y Nazario están orgullosos de ser parte de la gente Mam,… [ Keep reading ]

Familial Love and Brilliance in Native Designs

Familial Love and Brilliance in Native Designs by Megan McDermott I’m a mixed-Native woman enrolled with the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe of Montana. I consider myself raised by my maternal grandmother, who was enrolled in the Blackfeet tribe of Browning, Montana, and my mother who is enrolled in Little Shell… [ Keep reading ]

‘Pochashsquinest’ Ron Kanim Enick: Native American Heritage Month

by Ron Kanim Enick wiʔaac Hello, as we all pause to remember and acknowledge Native American Heritage Month, let us not forget to pray, for the Creator’s authority, sovereignty, and power throughout the nation. All things are sacred, and all we have belongs to GOD, and we are all under… [ Keep reading ]

A Journey of Re-recognition and Community Identity

A Journey of Re-recognition and Community Identity by Bethany Fackrell As a young child, it was really hard for me to find where my Indigenous identity fit within our Snoqualmie community. Looking back on my first memories, it seemed as if many of us were in survival mode and constantly… [ Keep reading ]

Makings of a ‘Real Indian’

Makings of a ‘Real Indian’: Reflections In Anticipation of Native American Heritage Month by Eric Alipio I was recently asked the question, “What is a ‘real Indian?’ Are you a ‘real Indian?’” Much to my chagrin, this wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked who’s Indian and who’s not. And… [ Keep reading ]

Indigenous Advisory Council Member Profile: Jeremy Takala (Yakama)

Jeremy Takala, known as Pax’una’shut in the Yakama Nation, is of the Kahmiltpah Band (Rock Creek) located on the Columbia River and a proud descendant of Hopi. He was nominated in 2020 to serve as a Tribal Councilman for Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation. He currently chairs… [ Keep reading ]