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landback 4 dummies

This piece was commissioned by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. The opinions expressed and information contained herein do not necessarily reflect the policies, plans, beliefs, conclusions, or ideas of the City of Seattle.
In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, we invited journalist, Luna Reyna, to curate a series of stories to amplify and honor the people and experiences of Seattle’s Native American community.

“Land Back? What does it mean? Is it the new organic, locally sourced, farm to table vegan kombucha? Is it perhaps some sort of small-pitted fruit you got in the Fremont farmers market? Find out as famed Anti-Intellectual, Intellectual Howie Echo-Hawk shares their middling diatribe and wandering, miscellaneous thoughts on the matter.”

Howie Echo-Hawk wears red eye make-up and lipstick, dangly earrings, and a spiked dog collar.
Howie Echo-Hawk (AKA theres more, the indigequeer) (they/them/she/her) is a queer, trans comedian, musician, DJ, writer, event producer, visual artist, and all around Native person.
Howie wishes you would leave them alone, but you wont, so here we are. They are perhaps best known for their comedy, which has been called “at least standup adjacent” by the Juneau Empire, and “punishment comedy” by themself. They have been featured as one of the top 26 Native American comedians to watch by UPROXX, and have several fun articles written about their comedy, such as “Pawnee comic Howie Echo-Hawk wants to see you squirm,” and “Meet the Seattleite who does ‘punishment comedy’.”
Several of their poems and short stories have been published, including a trans erotica piece titled Tuesday Adams Burns their village to the ground. They have a podcast called “Every Native Episode” and produce events as the founder of Indigenize Productions. Most importantly, a video they made for one of their jazz fusion songs was accepted into a circus film festival.
They play music, dj and perform under the name “theres more, the Indigequeer,” for which they have an entirely different bio in the first person, because third person bios are weird and we all know it.