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Share your memories about Section 504 civil rights protests 

From left: Hale Zukas, Ron Washington, and Judy Heumann respond to a question at a press conference held at the San Francisco airport before protesters leave for Washington. Lynette Taylor provides American Sign Language interpretation. San Francisco Examiner Archive. Courtesy of the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

The Section 504 protests were a landmark civil rights demonstration that took place in 1977 demanding implementation of laws requiring equal access to federal projects for people with disabilities. Sit-ins and demonstrations happened across the country, and as part of our Disability Activism History Project, we have learned that Seattle was an important location where protests occurred. Were you or do you know someone that participated in this movement? Can you help us learn more about the section 504 protests?

The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ Historic Preservation program is researching disability activism in the city, and we need your help learning about this important time. Whether you or a friend or family member participated in the 504 protests, or if you have knowledge of disability activism of any kind during this period, please let us know. You will help us document this important part of our City’s history.   

Thoughts and ideas can be submitted through our online survey. We will get back to you within two weeks of sharing your ideas.