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Seattle City Council pledges $15 million for South Park Bridge

SEATTLE – The Seattle City Council today sent a letter of support to King County Executive Dow Constantine expressing their commitment to replacing the South Park Bridge by pledging $15 million toward the replacement effort.
“The South Park Bridge plays a critical role in the Puget Sound region’s freight mobility and economic vitality,” stated Council President Richard Conlin. “It is very important that we as a Council show united support and commitment to our regional partners, our residents most affected in the South Park area and to the broader transportation system in Seattle.”

In addition to this financial commitment, the City expects that our support will allow King County to pursue additional funding partners in applying for the TIGER II federal grant, ultimately providing secure funding for the full replacement.

“It will take all of our regional partners pulling together on this grant application and working with the local community to ensure we get this critical bridge replaced,” stated Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, transportation committee chair. “This bridge is one part of the whole regional transportation system and we must work together to find a replacement solution as soon as possible.”

South Park Bridge was built more than 70 years ago and has undergone a series of retrofits. It is now in need of a complete replacement at an expected cost of $130.8 million. In addition to the funding committed in Council’s letter, the City Council has sponsored action by the Puget Sound Regional Council to commit $9 million from the future federal Jobs Bill funding and the City has spent nearly $1 million in support of King County’s environmental review and design of the replacement bridge.

Councilmember Sally Bagshaw added, “As far as making a financial commitment, it is not an option, it is something we must do. This bridge links our neighborhoods and is a critical connection for industry. We need a bridge and we are determined to make sure a new one gets built.”