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P-Patch Post seeks editorial volunteers

The P-Patch Trust is looking for a few people to be part of a volunteer Editorial team for P-Patch Post to coordinate all the efforts related to publishing the Post.  If you have had some experience in publishing or in media, have a commitment to community gardening,  and are plugged into issues related to urban, organic, and sustainable agriculture here is your chance to make a significant contribution.  The Post is published three times a year and requires about 40 hours of volunteer time per issue.  If you interested see detailed job description below and contact

Job description


  • Job Description:  Coordinate with Editorial team:
  • Recruit contributors to write articles and take photos for the Post.
  • Solicit and assign content (articles, features, essays, photos, etc) making sure that issues important to the P-Patch Trust, Program and gardeners are covered and that each issue has an interesting mix and balance of articles. 
  • Work closely with contributors so there is mutual understanding of expectations for assignments regarding content, length, tone, deadlines, etc.
  • Edit all content for the Post for accuracy, clarity, consistency, style, tone, etc.
  • Over see Layout  which will be orchestrated by the publisher.
  • Coordinate with Snohomish Publishing, our publishing vendor, providing them content in a timely manner to meet publication deadlines.
  • Requires up to 40 hours per issue.
  • Attributes.
    • Team members must be plugged into the P-Patch gardening program, as well as broader urban/community/organic/sustainable agriculture issues.
    • Gentle persuasion and ego-massaging skills
    • Ability to work and utilize Editorial Committee
    • Ability to manage volunteers.
    • Ability to coordinate and communicate with team embers
    • Experience in publishing or media related profession