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23rd Avenue Joint Community Open House and Workshop on June 29

23RD OPEN HOUSEThe City of Seattle will be hosting a community open house and workshop on Saturday, June 29 at the Garfield Community Center (2323 E. Cherry Street) from 9:00am to 12:00pm. This will be a joint community engagement effort for two projects: the 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvement Project and the 23rd Avenue Action Plan.

The 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvement Project is a Seattle Department of Transportation project to improve the 23rd Avenue corridor between E John and S Rainier Streets. The project, originally began as a repaving project between E John and S Jackson Streets only, but was expanded through the award of several grants for signals, paving, transit and pedestrian improvements. SDOT met with the community in March 2013 and took input on several different design options. At the open house, SDOT will present their proposed plan for the 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvement Project. Participants will be invited to view what is being proposed, hear a brief presentation, and engage in a short instant polling survey to help redevelop the corridor into a more vibrant street.

The 23rd Avenue Action Plan (Union-Cherry-Jackson) is led by the Seattle Department of Planning and Development in close collaboration with various city and county departments including SDOT, Parks and Recreation, Office of Economic Development, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Office of Housing, Seattle Police Department and Seattle & King County Public Health. This project provides an opportunity for the City and the community to work together to develop a shared vision and action plan for the three Central Area community cores along 23rd Avenue at Union, Cherry and Jackson to make these great destinations unique, viable, healthy and equitable for all people who call the Central Area home.

Now it is time to continue to turn your passion into action! The 23rd Avenue Action Plan project team has developed community priorities, draft strategies and actions based on consolidated community input. You are invited to participate in the open house and workshop to (1) review and confirm the community vision (2) Discuss and prioritize the strategies being proposed in response to community vision, and (3) begin building action teams and partnerships who will work together to make it all happen.

To request interpretation, ADA accommodations, or to sign up for childcare, please contact Kerry Wade, at (206) 733-9091 or

For more information about the project, please visit the Department of Planning and Development website at: