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Use the Neighborhood Matching Fund to Support your Neighborhood Greenway Project

Seattle is building a network of neighborhood greenways. Neighborhood greenways are safer, calm residential streets for you, your family and neighbors. Neighborhood greenways do not add bike lanes, and there are minimal, if any, on-street parking impacts. They are mostly funded through the nine-year voter approved Bridging the Gap Levy. Existing greenways include: 39th Avenue NE, Wallingford, Beacon Hill, Ballard, 26th Ave SW, and Fremont Avenue N.

To add enhancements to existing or upcoming neighborhood greenways, the Neighborhood Matching Fund can be a great resource. The Neighborhood Matching Fund could be used for a variety of enhancements to green a greenway and make it even more pedestrian friendly, add art or other fun elements to a route, or host an event in the neighborhood.  To learn more about using the Neighborhood Matching Fund, there are two information sheets to help you. To learn more about pop-up greenways, click  here.  To learn how to use the Matching Fund to apply for greenway enhancements, click here.  For more information about the Neighborhood Matching Fund, visit