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Meeting Rescheduled to Discuss Departures from Development Standards for Loyal Heights Elementary School

Loyal Heights FacadeA public meeting is rescheduled to discuss the Seattle School District’s request to modernize Loyal Heights Elementary School and construct an addition to the building (SMC 23.79). The meeting will be held on Monday, October 5 at 6:30 p.m. in the Loyal Heights Elementary School lunchroom (2511 NW 80th St).

The Seattle School District is requesting departures from development standards for the following:

  1. Increase lot coverage from the 35% allowed to 50%. (SMC 23.51B.002C)
  2. Increase maximum height from the 35 ft. allowed to 60 ft. (SMC 23.51B.002D)
  3. Reduce setbacks to 0 ft. in some locations. (SMC 23.51B.002E)
  4. Eliminate requirements to provide off-street parking. (SMC 23.51B.002G)
  5. Allow continued on-street bus loading. (SMC 23.51B.002I)

The meeting will include a School District presentation on the requested changes before the Development Standards Departure Advisory Committee, a group composed of neighbors and School District and City representatives. After the presentation, the public is invited to make comments concerning the departures requests.

Following public testimony, the committee will make a recommendations to grant outright, grant with conditions, or deny the requested zoning modifications; or it can decide to hold additional meetings if it feels more information is needed. The final decision is made by the Department of Planning and Development.

If community members cannot attend the meeting, written comments can be submitted to:

Maureen Sheehan
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
P.O. Box 94649
Seattle, WA 98124-4649

For more information, call Maureen Sheehan at 684-0302, or e-mail

The Major Institutions and Schools Program provides a way for neighbors of Seattle’s hospitals, universities, and colleges to be directly involved in the development plans for those institutions to ensure neighborhood concerns are considered when those plans are made. It is a program of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.