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Tips from the 1st PACE Session: Approaches to Leadership

Airplan exercise PACEThe first PACE session titled Approaches to Leadership was held recently for the 24 participants enrolled in PACE (People’s Academy for Community Engagement). Led by Paulina Lopez, South Park Resource and Information Center Board Member; Jim Diers, consultant/speaker on community building; and Mike Fong, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, here are the key tips shared with the group:

  • There is no one way to be a leader!
  • It’s not about you being someone else, it’s about you being yourself! Authenticity matters!
  • We’re often trying to engage community before we’ve built community.
  • Remember, others are organizing, join them! We do not have to be the only show in town.


  • Why have a meeting when you can have a party!!!!!!

The PACE cohort meets monthly to learn civic leadership techniques and approaches. Look for tips from the next session titled “Accessing Government.”