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5 Quick Tips for Accessing Your Government

PACE studentsThe second PACE session titled Accessing Government was held recently for the 24 participants enrolled in PACE (People’s Academy for Community Engagement). Facilitated by Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw; King County Councilmember Larry Gossett, and PACE alum Amanda Kay Hemlick, here are the key tips shared with the group:

  • Reach out to your elected officials! It may take more than one e-mail or phone call but it is an important connection.
  • Think about and decide if it is best to contact a department director, a city council member, the mayor, a county council member or someone else. Your issue, idea or concern should be directed at the right official.
  • Rally your neighbors.
  • Connect with community resources like your libraries, community centers, community pools, existing community groups.
  • Come with suggestions!

The PACE cohort meets monthly to learn civic leadership techniques and approaches. Look for tips from the next session titled “Community Organizing.”