2013-2014 City Budget Update from Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

On November 19, Seattle City Council adopted the 2013-2014 City Budget. Below is a note from Director Bernie Matsuno on how the adopted budget affects Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON).

November 19, 2012

Dear community members:

Today Seattle City Council voted to adopt the 2013-2014 City Budget. I want to outline for you how the 2013-14 Budget will affect Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON) beginning in January. But before getting to the details, I’m happy to report that our budget overall is one I am pleased about. Our local economy is slowly recovering and as a result the Department’s budget will grow slightly. And more importantly, we are not losing staff positions that are vital to our provision of service to your community. DON will continue to operate as it has these past few years. 

The following are DON budget details for 2013-2014:

The proposal to add $100,000 to the Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) specifically for ethnic/cultural facility improvements was not approved. Even so, organizations interested in making improvements to their ethnic/cultural facility can still apply to the fund since there are no reductions to the Neighborhood Matching Fund Program.

This year we piloted the People’s Academy for Community Engagement, also known as PACE. This leadership development program was very successful as we celebrated the graduation of 28 emerging community leaders last month. So as to continue the program, $15,000 isadded to the budget for each year.

One of our administrative staff positions has been restored to full time to support the growth of our Public Outreach and Engagement Program involving the Public Outreach and Engagement Liaisons (POELs) and People’s Academy for Community Engagement (PACE).

In 2012 the Department lost a division director position, so the Manager for Historic Preservation also took on the role of overseeing the P-Patch Community Gardening Program and Neighborhood Matching Fund. With this situation and the fact that the Historic Preservation Program took staff reductions in 2011, funding is added to restore an existing position to full-time and to include a ¾ time position. 

Regarding reductions, the following will occur:

  • The department’s work study budget will be eliminated.
  • Support for the South Park Information and Resource Center (SPIARC) will continue in 2013 in the amount of $52,952, but at this time will be eliminated in 2014.

We are pleased with the support provided by the Mayor and City Council to our key programs, but we understand our city is still in recovery mode. In 2013, as we celebrate our 25th year in serving our community, this department will continue to be good stewards of our budget and do our best to leverage these funds to improve our neighborhoods.

Bernie Agor Matsuno,




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