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Visit a Local Fire Station To Celebrate Neighbor Appreciation Day!

Visit your local fire station on Saturday, February 9, 2013 for the 19th Annual Neighbor Appreciation Day Celebration. Nearly two dozen fire stations will open their doors from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The event began in 1995 and has grown in popularity ever since its inception.

Link to website:

Fire Stations scheduled to be open

Waterfront Fire Station 5                      925 Alaskan Way

Highpoint Fire Station 11                      1514 SW Holden Street

Greenlake Fire Station 16                     6846 Oswego Place NE

University District Fire Station 17        1050 NE 50th Street

Ballard Fire Station 18                           1521 NW Market Street

Queen Anne Fire Station 20                 3205 13th Avenue West

Phinney Ridge Fire Station 21             7304 Greenwood Avenue North

Roanoke Fire Station 22                       901 E. Roanoke Street

Bitter Lake Fire Station 24                              401 N 130th Street

Capitol Hill Fire Station 25                    1300 E. Pine Street

South Park Fire Station 26                             800 South Cloverdale Street

Rainier Valley Fire Station 28               5968 Rainier Avenue South

Mount Baker Fire Station 30                2931 Mount Baker Blvd S.

Northgate Fire Station 31                      1319 N. Northgate Way

West Seattle Junction Fire Station 32         3715 SW Alaska Street

Rainier Beach Fire Station 33              9645 Renton Avenue South

Crown Hill Fire Station 35                     8729 15th Avenue NW

West Seattle Fire Station 37                 7700 35th Avenue SW

Hawthorne Hills Fire Station 38                    4004 NE 55th Street

Lake City Fire Station 39                       2806 NE 127th Street

Fire Station 41                                        2416 34th Avenue West