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ACGA Conference: Call for Proposals deadline is this Friday, March 1

In August, Seattle is hosting the American Community Gardening Association National Conference, an annual event to showcase community gardening and its place in the community food system.   The Call for Presentations is open.  We are so excited to showcase the Pacific North West experience of gardeners and farmers in the local food movement! Let’s share our progressive gardening and greening activities, illustrating exceptional examples with presentations, workshops and forums! We invite all local, regional, national and international community gardening and urban agriculture enthusiasts to apply and forward this email on to others.   Please click on the following link to download a .pdf copy, follow  the instructions to submit by email before March 1, 2013.

The theme for the Seattle 2013 conference is Cultivating Community, Harvesting Health:  Community Gardens to Urban Farms.  We hope that your presentation will help illuminate the multitude of ways that community gardening and urban agriculture touches the community food system and build strong healthy communities here in the Pacific Northwest!

Please click on the links below for more details and we hope to see you in Seattle in August of 2013! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Workshop Themes
Applicants are encouraged to use the following themes or related topics:

1) Make it Grow: Horticulture, Permaculture, & City Livestock –presentations on plants, pests and diseases, pollinators, soil building and management, landscape design principles, sustainability, urban biodiversity, and urban livestock management

2) Make it Happen: Policy, Implementation, & Management – presentations on policies and ordinances supporting community gardens and urban farms and the design, implementation, management, and history of community gardening/urban farming programs

3) Community Gardening & Society: Culture & Social and Environmental Justice – presentations on socio-cultural meanings of food;  multicultural exchange; food hubs; heritage crops and techniques; equal access to healthful food, green space, and healthy environments; food security; youth gardening; public housing gardens; giving gardens; community harvesting; and environmental safety and quality

4) Sound Mind & Body: Health, Prevention, & Therapy –presentations on the physical and mental health benefits of community gardening/urban farming, disease prevention, lifetime gardening, therapeutic and play gardens, and gardening education

5) The Food System: Garden/Farm to Table to Compost to Garden/Farm – presentations on farm-to-table/restaurant/cafeteria programs, co-ops and CSAs, farmers’ markets, local food economies, supporting localized food production and consumption, and redirecting recyclable or compostable materials out of the waste stream





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