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Mayor McGinn proposes additional $500,000 for the Neighborhood Matching Fund

Mayor Mike McGinn announced he will propose an increase of $500,000 to the Neighborhood Matching Fund as part of his upcoming 2014 Proposed Budget. This increase restores the amount of funds available to support neighborhood projects back to pre-recession levels. In addition, the budget will add another staff position to support the program and its awardees. McGinn’s proposal also includes $60,000 for projects designed to discourage criminal activity.

“For 25 years, the Neighborhood Matching Fund has been integral to so many community projects and activities,” said McGinn. “It’s contribution to neighborhoods can be seen across the city from the Fremont Troll to Georgetown’s Hat n’ Boots. This funding will help residents as they design projects to support the quality of life of their neighborhoods.”

Click here to watch the Seattle Channel video of the announcement.

McGinn also proposed another $60,000 to develop a special designation to the Neighborhood Matching Fund that will help neighbors participate in projects focused on discouraging criminal activity. Incorporating CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles, a consultant will be hired to develop the policies and the community engagement model to help communities assess problem areas and implement solutions. This idea came as a result of the mayor’s Safe Communities Initiative community outreach project, in which residents identified CPTED as an opportunity for city investment that could reduce crime and improve safety. More information about the Safe Communities Initiative can be found at

“Within SPD, we see the opportunity for even more success with CPTED by partnering with the Department of Neighborhoods,” said Acting Lt. Jay Shin of the Seattle Police Department. “Their role in engaging communities and providing resources such as the Neighborhood Matching Fund will help community members participate in keeping their neighborhood safe.”

The announcement was held at B. F. Day Elementary School, a recipient of the Neighborhood Matching Fund. “We simply would not have been able to build this playground without the help of the Neighborhood Matching Fund and its staff,” said Kristin Anderson, B.F. Day Playground Project Lead. “The project brought us together as a neighborhood with involvement not only from community members, but from Fremont businesses as well. This truly has been a ‘neighborhood project.’ Thank you to the City for this incredible resource.”

“The intent of the Neighborhood Matching Fund is to get community members actively involved in their community,” said Bernie Matsuno, director of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. “And by getting involved in a Matching Fund project, neighbors – who may not have known each other – come together to create something that is of value to their community and the city as well. More importantly, a strong sense of community results when neighbors connect with one another.”

Created to promote and support community-based self-help projects, the Neighborhood Matching Fund is managed by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Fund has awarded approximately $50 million with a community match of more than $71 million. The next opportunity to apply to the Neighborhood Matching Fund is through its Small and Simple Projects Fund. The deadline for applications is October 7. To learn more, visit