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Your Voice, Your Choice Final Project List Announced

Your Voice, Your ChoiceThroughout the month of March, 267 participants from across the city gathered to evaluate and discuss the nearly 900 project ideas submitted by community members through our Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets program.

Each project idea was reviewed and scored twice during the meetings hosted in each council district.  In the final meetings, a recommendation list was generated featuring the projects that were rated to serve the highest need and have the greatest impact. These lists were then shared with Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) for a quick feasibility check and to ensure there weren’t any projects already in the works.

The field has now been narrowed down to 10 projects for each Council District! Each project has been listed below and you can also view them in detail on our updated project map. After SDOT or SPR again more thoroughly review the projects for cost and feasibility, the final eligible projects will advance to the ballot for a community-wide vote in June. Each council district will have its own ballot and community members can vote on their top projects within their individual district.

To learn more about Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets, visit our website.



Project #17-006: Trail improvements at Roxhill Park
Neighborhood: South Delridge

Project #17-014: Improve 5-way intersection at Dallas Ave S, 12th Ave S, and Thistle St
Neighborhood: South Park

Project #17-019: Bus stop improvements on Barton St
Neighborhood: South Delridge

Project #17-031: Crossing Improvement along SW Henderson St
Neighborhood: Highland Park

Project #17-044: Improved crossings on S. Cloverdale
Neighborhood: South Park

Project #17-068: Crossing improvements at 35th Ave & SW Dawson St
Neighborhood: West Seattle

Project #17-085: Add sidewalks to S. Sylvan Way
Neighborhood: High Point

Project #17-145: Install marked crosswalk along SW Alaska St.
Neighborhood: Junction

Project #17-153: Install crosswalk near Youngstown
Neighborhood: Delridge

Project #17-163: Traffic-calming on Avalon Way
Neighborhood: Fairmount



Project #17-181: Traffic-calming along Beacon Ave S, north and south of Bond St
Neighborhood: Rainier Beach

Project #17-190: Install pedestrian lighting along Henderson St
Neighborhood: Rainier Beach

Project #17-203: Beautify Rose St. Triangle
Neighborhood: Rainier Beach

Project #17-235: Walkway improvements on 4th Ave S, between E. Marginal Way & Michigan
Neighborhood: Georgetown

Project #17-239: Traffic-calming along Flora Ave S
Neighborhood: Georgetown

Project #17-262: ADA ramps along 39th Ave S
Neighborhood: Hillman City

Project #17-263: Improve 15th Ave S and Angeline Crossing
Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

Project #17-300: Traffic calming along Dakota St
Neighborhood: Mt. Baker

Project #17-319: Add a verbal crossing notification to S. Beacon Ave & 15th Ave S
Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

Project #17-334: Install streetlights and stop signs at Jackson & 10th Ave S.
Neighborhood: Chinatown/ID



Project #17-347: Restructure corner and add ADA improvements to 25th Ave S & Plum St
Neighborhood: North Rainier

Project #17-348: Traffic-calming on 24th Ave near Massachusetts
Neighborhood: Judkins Park

Project #17-350: Improved connections to Judkins Park
Neighborhood: Judkins Park

Project #17-354: Traffic-calming on 17th & Yesler
Neighborhood: Central District

Project #17-358: Install high-visibility lighting infrastructure at crosswalk spanning 19th Ave E and Cherry St
Neighborhood: Squire Park

Project #17-374: Crossing improvements at I-5 exit onto Olive Way
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Project #17-381: Improved crossing at 19th Ave at E. Denny Way
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Project #17-395: Crossing improvements near Miller Park
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Miller Park

Project #17-411: Install curb ramps near transit connections by Volunteer Park
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Project #17-424: Improve bus stop at S Walker between MLK & 25th Ave S
Neighborhood: North Rainier



Project #17-434: Crossing improvements near Gas Works Park
Neighborhood: Fremont

Project #17-439: Install curb bulbs on NE 40th St between Stone Way and Wallingford Ave
Neighborhood: Wallingford

Project #17-443: Add crosswalk at Roosevelt & 41st
Neighborhood: U District

Project #17-453: Sidewalk repair along 12th Ave NE, between 47th and Ravenna
Neighborhood: University District

Project #17-456: Improve crossing at Greenlake Way & N. Midvale or Stone Ave
Neighborhood: Wallingford

Project #17-459: Add lighting at University Playfield
Neighborhood: U-District

Project #17-461: Crossing Improvements at NE 55th & 30th Ave NE
Neighborhood: Ravenna/Bryant

Project #17-462: Improvements near Bryant Elementary
Neighborhood: Bryant

Project #17-490: Crosswalk installation at NE 74th St and 64th Ave NE, in Magnuson Park
Neighborhood: Magnuson Park

Project #17-495: Improve crossing at 35th Ave NE & NE 80th St
Neighborhood: Wedgwood



Project #17-499: Traffic calming near Olympic View Elementary
Neighborhood: Maple Leaf

Project #17-515: Crossing improvements at Ravenna & NE 98th St
Neighborhood: Meadowbrook

Project #17-524: Walkway improvements near Viewlands Elementary
Neighborhood: Broadview

Project #17-530: Crossing improvements near Hazel Wolf school
Neighborhood: Pinehurst

Project #17-537: Traffic calming on Pinehurst Way
Neighborhood: Pinehurst

Project #17-570: Install a flashing beacon at 35th Ave NE & NE 130th St
Neighborhood: Lake City

Project #17-576: Improve walkability near Broadview-Thompson K-8
Neighborhood: Broadview

Project #17-598: Basketball court (at least half) at Little Brook Park
Neighborhood: Lake City

Project #17-599: Traffic calming on N 143rd St, between Greenwood and Linden N
Neighborhood: Broadview



Project #17-611: Crossing improvements at 1st Ave NW & N. 36th
Neighborhood: Fremont

Project #17-631: Crossing improvments at N 50th Street at Dayton Ave N.
Neighborhood: Woodland Park

Project #17-632: Safer crossing at N 50th St & Whitman Ave
Neighborhood: Woodland Park

Project #17-635: Crossing improvement at Leary Ave NW & 20th NW
Neighborhood: Ballard

Project #17-642: Crossing improvements near the Ballard Locks
Neighborhood: Ballard

Project #17-644: Crossing improvement in Tangletown
Neighborhood: Wallingford

Project #17-662: Install audible crossing signal at intersection of  24th Ave NW & NW 70th St
Neighborhood: Sunset Hill

Project #17-679: Improve crossing at Corliss & 80th, near Greenlake
Neighborhood: Green Lake

Project #17-691: Crossing and traffic-calming improvements near Holman/Crown Hill Park
Neighborhood: Crown Hill

Project #17-696: ADA improvements near 97th & 8th Ave NW
Neighborhood: Crown Hill



Project #17-338: ADA improvements to 2nd Ave Ext S and S Jackson intersection
Neighborhood: Chinatown/ID

Project #17-715: Crosswalk improvement at Denny Way and 5th Ave intersection
Neighborhood: Belltown

Project #17-717: Crossing improvement at intersection of 1st Ave N and Thomas St
Neighborhood: Uptown

Project #17-728: Build trail connecting Lower Kinnear Park to the sidewalk on Elliot Ave. West
Neighborhood: Uptown

Project #17-730: Accessibility improvements to entrance of Kinnear Park
Neighborhood: Queen Anne

Project #17-737: Crossing improvements on Dexter Ave N at Galer and Comstock St
Neighborhood: Queen Anne

Project #17-742: Improved crossing in several Queen Anne locations
Neighborhood: Queen Anne

Project #17-752: Sidewalk and improved bus stop on Thorndyke Ave W.
Neighborhood: Magnolia

Project #17-759: Crossing improvements at upper N. Raye St and 4th Ave N.
Neighborhood: Queen Anne

Project #17-761: Install flashing beacon at 3rd Ave W, near Fulton St.
Neighborhood: Queen Anne