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Reimagine Seattle: Sean Goode

I Know What You Did Last Summer by Sean Goode It was June 2020 and 8,000 people gathered, shouted, mourned, and marched together through South Seattle. The sky was clear, yet a cacophony of “Black Lives Matter” chants rained down on the very same streets where Black bodies have historically… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Stevie Shao

The Butterfly Kite art and words by Stevie Shao When I was growing up in Seattle, my dad picked up a hobby — kite flying. I don’t remember what drew him to it, or when it started exactly, but he still gazes out the window at my parent’s home and… [ Keep reading ]

Giving Garden Program donates more than 41,000 pounds of produce to help fight food insecurity in Seattle.

There is no doubt that many people are happy to bid farewell to 2021. With hardships related to COVID-19 and unprecedented weather events, the past year was challenging, to say the least. One issue that didn’t garner as much widespread attention, but significantly impacted the lives of many people, particularly… [ Keep reading ]

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Reimagine Seattle: Rachel Heaton

Reimagining Seattle by Rachel Heaton When I think of completely reimagining our city, so much comes to mind. First, I’m honored to be asked to contribute to the task and next, I thought, Wow! How do I really imagine the future of my city beyond the work I currently put… [ Keep reading ]

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Reimagine Seattle: Sophia Malik and Shakeitha Howard

In the Seattle We Imagine by Sophia Malik & Shakeitha Howard For decades, altruistic health care workers have been the glue holding together a broken healthcare system. When microscopic COVID-19 virus particles found their way into the many crevices of that system, they cracked it open for all to see… [ Keep reading ]

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Seattle Histories: The Coffee Messiah by Timothy White Eagle

In this latest entry for the Seattle Histories storytelling project, Timothy White Eagle tells the story of opening and running Seattle’s Coffee Messiah and all the beautiful connections he made with artists and friends. The Coffee Messiah appeared on Seattle’s queer scene in 1995 and found its community in outsider… [ Keep reading ]

Ballard Avenue Landmark District announces results of annual election

The annual election for the Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board was held by mail, with ballots tabulated on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 1. Four positions were up for election. The results are as follows: Joseph Herrin won Position #1 for Property Owner. Tommy Patrick won Position #4 for Property Owner or… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories: A Brief History of Block 17 in Pioneer Square

by Beverly Aarons In The Before In the spring of 1785, earthy toned mudflats glistened in the moonlight during low tide in the place called Sdzidzilalitch (little crossing-over place)i. Pacific tree frogs sang their mating chorus (kreck-ek, kreck-ek) in the marshy forest which brimmed with fir, oak, cedar and other… [ Keep reading ]

International Special Review District announces results of annual election

The annual election for the International Special Review District Board was held by mail, with ballots tabulated on the evening of Tuesday, November 30. Five positions were up for election, due to the postponement of the election in 2020. The results are as follows: Ryan Gilbert won Position #1 for a Business… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories: Chinatown Childhood

by Betty Lau My earliest memories are of living in an old brick and wood building on the northeast corner of 5th Ave. S and S. Washington streets between the second (2nd Avenue) and third (King Street) Chinatowns. Chinese dock and cannery workers had lived on the waterfront, the original… [ Keep reading ]