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Landscape Architect, Marsha Tolon, reflects on her 33 years as a P-Patch member and the universal language of gardening

Marsha Tolon, Burke-Gilman P-Patch What sparked your interest in gardening? When I was a kid, our family would go to the grocery store, and I would always go to the magazine aisle and look at gardening and flower magazines like Sunset Western Garden. I’d read them while everybody else was… [ Keep reading ]

City of Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund Invests $818,698 in 21 Community-Led Projects

The City of Seattle has awarded $818,698 to support 21 community-initiated projects through Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF). Twenty-one community groups received awards ranging from $8,320 to $50,000 and have pledged $780,269 to match their award through local cash donations, volunteer hours, donated materials, and in-kind professional… [ Keep reading ]

International Special Review District announces results of annual election

國際區特別審查區之公告年度選舉結果 International Special Review District (Hội Đồng Xét Duyệt Đặc Biệt Khu Phố Quốc Tế) thông báo kết quả bầu cử hàng năm The annual election for the International Special Review District (ISRD) Board was held by mail, with ballots tabulated on the evening of Tuesday, November 15. Seattle Department… [ Keep reading ]

Familial Love and Brilliance in Native Designs

Familial Love and Brilliance in Native Designs by Megan McDermott I’m a mixed-Native woman enrolled with the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe of Montana. I consider myself raised by my maternal grandmother, who was enrolled in the Blackfeet tribe of Browning, Montana, and my mother who is enrolled in Little Shell… [ Keep reading ]

Volunteers needed to advise on development plans for University Of Washington Medical Center, Northwest Campus

Volunteers are needed to serve on a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) to help develop the new Master Plan for University of Washington Medical Center, Northwest Campus. The committee advises the City of Seattle and the institution on the potential impacts of their campus development on the surrounding neighborhoods. Seattle Department… [ Keep reading ]

‘Pochashsquinest’ Ron Kanim Enick: Native American Heritage Month

by Ron Kanim Enick wiʔaac Hello, as we all pause to remember and acknowledge Native American Heritage Month, let us not forget to pray, for the Creator’s authority, sovereignty, and power throughout the nation. All things are sacred, and all we have belongs to GOD, and we are all under… [ Keep reading ]

Picardo P-Patch Rethinks their Produce Donation Program to Directly Serve Communities in Need

Picardo P-Patch: Alex Soleil and Ava Clennon How long have you two been gardening at Picardo P-Patch Alex: I’ve been gardening Picardo farm since 2013 when I moved in with a house that had a plot here. And since 2016, I’ve been coordinating the Giving Garden, and that’s where we… [ Keep reading ]

A Journey of Re-recognition and Community Identity

A Journey of Re-recognition and Community Identity by Bethany Fackrell As a young child, it was really hard for me to find where my Indigenous identity fit within our Snoqualmie community. Looking back on my first memories, it seemed as if many of us were in survival mode and constantly… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Histories: Seattle “The City of Clocks”

Seattle “The City of Clocks” By Mark Mendez Mayer It is because of my great-uncle, Joseph Mayer, that Seattle began to be called the “City of Clocks.” By 1935, he had made over 100 street clocks in Seattle. At least 40 of those stood at one point in or around… [ Keep reading ]

Makings of a ‘Real Indian’

Makings of a ‘Real Indian’: Reflections In Anticipation of Native American Heritage Month by Eric Alipio I was recently asked the question, “What is a ‘real Indian?’ Are you a ‘real Indian?’” Much to my chagrin, this wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked who’s Indian and who’s not. And… [ Keep reading ]