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Applications for the Regional Census Fund (RCF) for Seattle and King County community groups are now open

The Regional Census Fund is a $1 million fund to help community organizations prepare for the 2020 Census. This is the first-ever partnership between the City of Seattle, King County, and Seattle Foundation to fund Census outreach.

The application for the Regional Census Fund is now live, and all King County-based 501(c)3 organizations planning to conduct Census outreach are encouraged to apply. Funds will be available in summer 2019, and will be administered by Seattle Foundation.

Seattle’s community-based organizations are trusted messengers, and the Regional Census Fund will help them build community capacity to do the important work of engaging with community members, building trust, and preparing for the 2020 Census. 

There’s a lot at stake for Seattle in the 2020 Census, because the federal government uses Census data to help decide where taxpayer money should go. The more accurate the Census count is in our community, the more likely our community will receive the resources that we need, like funding for Head Start, affordable housing development, and Medicare and Medicaid.

Because the Census happens only once every 10 years, the consequences of having inaccurate data are not just statistical. People’s lives could be significantly impacted for an entire decade. That’s why we’re working hard so you can know your rights and be counted.

To learn more about the Regional Census Fund and to apply, click here

For more information about the work the City of Seattle’s is doing in partnership with our trusted community leaders, visit