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Mayor Durkan Announces $600,000 in Neighborhood Matching Fund Awards for Community-initiated Projects

MÁS – Movimiento Afrolatino Seattle (photo by Leo Carmona)

28 organizations receive investments from Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced a $600,286 investment for community-initiated projects as part of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF). Twenty-eight community groups received awards ranging from $9,295 to $25,000 and have pledged $1,445,428 to match their award through local cash donations, volunteer hours, donated materials, and in-kind professional services.

“Government is at its best when we engage with community directly and empower them to make their priorities a reality. We also know that Seattle has some of the best community-based organizations in our country. With these Neighborhood Matching Fund investments, we are letting our incredible communities be our guide so that they can build better futures for themselves and their loved ones.”

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan

For Kedir Mohammed of Horn of Africa, a recipient of NMF, these grants represent “great opportunities and help for individuals and groups to reflect on their true gifts, capacity, and values…especially underserved families of immigrants and refugees who are striving to become independent, self-sufficient, and connected in their communities.”

The Neighborhood Matching Fund offers grants to organizations committed to fostering and building our community. It has two funds: Community Partnership Fund, which is offered three times a year with awards up to $25,000; and Small Sparks Fund, which is offered on a rolling basis throughout most of the year with awards of up to $5,000.

Over its 31-year history, more than 5,000 projects have been funded in partnership with the NMF Program, and its investment in neighborhoods can be seen across the city. For information about NMF, visit

2019 Community Partnership Fund Awards – Spring Cycle


  • $25,000 to Art of Alzheimer’s for the Our Dementia Friendly City campaign which is focused on empowering persons with memory loss and their families to live well and remain connected and active. The project will use photography, advertising, and events to advance awareness, knowledge, engagement and expansion of this community of support. (Community Match: $16,275)
  • $25,000 to Brothers United in Leadership Development for BUILD’N Community, a celebration and recognition of Seattle’s Black community. Their series of family-centered events – Father’s Day Celebration, Community Car Show, and a Community Field Day – will include food, music and activities. (Community Match: $20,000)
  • $25,000 to Design in Public for Design Your Block to expand the reach of the Seattle Design Festival beyond downtown Seattle. Neighborhood groups, residents, business owners, and community organizers will be invited to participate in the festival in their neighborhoods and celebrate neighborhood identity through design. (Community match: $50,000)
  • $25,000 to Seattle Repertory Theatre for Public Works Seattle using theatre to connect people across the city. Working with five non-profit organizations, the project will engage over 150 people for free workshops and monthly performances at the Theatre. It culminates in participatory theater featuring a community ensemble with four free performances. (Community match: $828,910)
  • $24,854 to Discover Arts in the Park for Symphony for Climate Change, an outdoor event to explore climate change through the lens of art on August 19. The event will feature a multimedia symphony, dance performances, and science presentations to initiate discourse and motivate people to take practical steps their lives and communities to combat climate change. (Community match: $14,910)
  • $22,888 to Group for Promotion of Family Entertainment in Seattle for the Family Variety Show to produce 12 monthly family-friendly variety shows. The focus will be on including the many different kinds and nationalities of performing arts, circus arts, and musical styles in Seattle and making the arts accessible to everyone. (Community match: $27,430)
  • $25,000 to Sundiata African American Cultural Association for Festival Sundiata Black Arts Fest 2019 which is scheduled for June -14-16 at Seattle Center. This annual celebration of people of African descent includes, music, dance, arts and crafts. (Community match: $84,000)
  • $25,000 to One Reel for Pianos in the Parks which enables neighborhoods to showcase local artists and bring communities together for free outdoor musical performances. Participating neighborhoods will present the talented artists and musicians in their area and will have a paid position for an artist to be assigned a piano in their park. (Community match: $45,340)

District 1

  • $24,202 to HONK!Fest West for HONK! Fest West, an accessible community music festival of street bands in public spaces. This free and immersive festival occurs annually in June and is 100% volunteer-run, performed, and organized. HONK! is part of a global renaissance of street band culture occurring in Seattle since 2008. (Community match: $21,433)

District 2

  • $24,186 to Othello Park Alliance for the Othello Park Music and Arts Festival 2019 which will be held on August 11. There will be music, food, petting zoo, art, and dance for all ages and cultures to strengthen neighborhood unity and identity in one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the nation. (Community match: $42,742)
  • $25,000 to Horn of Africa Services for Southeast Seattle Childcare Capacity Building to organize capacity building activities for childcare and other small business owners in Southeast Seattle. This project will focus on the needs of traditionally underrepresented groups. Technical assistance will be provided in finance, record keeping, business development, and topics identified by participants. (Community match: $16,100)
  • $18,000 to Soufend Arts Council for The Soufend Art Show, a free one-day event on August 24 to celebrate the creativity, community, and culture of South Seattle, lovingly referred to by its residents as the Soufend. Local artists, residents and small businesses will gather to share their experiences of living in this neighborhood in a positive, creative space for community expression and engagement. (Community match: $16,080)
  • $25,000 to Association of Beloved Communities for the El Centro Documentary: A Beloved Community. This 15-minute film capturing the history of Seattle’s El Centro will share the inspiring story of the formation and legacy of the institution, where a small nonviolent movement won a victory for justice. It will be shot in this summer and distributed through media partners and select events focused on inclusive ecosystem-building strategies. (Community match: $13,600)
  • $25,000 to The Swish Program Steering Committee for Project SWISH (Serving with Integrity and Shooting Hoops), a program created to serve African American young men through basketball and mentorship. For 14 weeks, 30 youth will receive basketball skills training and educational workshops. The culminating event will be a ‘Shots for Hope’ tournament for the entire community.  (Community match: $27,000)

District 3

  • $25,000 to First Hill Improvement Association (FHIA) for the Terry Avenue Community Engagement and Design project, a process where community stakeholders will be engaged in redesigning Terry Avenue between Cherry and Marion Streets. (Community match: $18,525)
  • $25,000 to Cal Anderson Park Alliance for a Public Life Study whose goal is to gather and analyze data in support of developing a shared community vision for public space within the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict. This project is phase one of a larger enterprise that will see the creation of a public realm plan. (Community match: $16,400)
  • $25,000 for Ethiopian Women Mothers & Family for the Ethiopian Women and Family Culture Festival, an all-day celebration of the empowerment and achievements of Ethiopian women through arts and culture, speaker presentations, family entertainment, and role model awards. (Community match: $23,875)
  • $24,994 to Renaissance 21 for The Coder’s Club, 10-week after school program at Garfield Teen Life Center (TLC) that will train 10-12 youth to develop websites. In addition to paid instructors, STEM professional, college, and high school volunteers will serve as mentors to the program participants. (Community match: $12,738)

District 5

  • $20,480 to Friends of Jane Addams Middle School for the Campus Running Loop Construction Documents Phase to work with a design firm and surrounding community to create Schematic Design and Construction documents for the one-mile campus running loop. (Community match: $13,310)
  • $25,000 to Friends of Lake City Youth at Coyote North (FLCYCN) for Lake City Youth project to engage the Lake City community in activating a youth-centered creative space. FLCYCN will lead outreach efforts to families from all races, cultures, and backgrounds through open houses, community dinners, exhibits, performances, and youth arts programs, culminating in a youth-led community celebration on December 15. (Community match: $24,560)

District 6

  • $9,295 to the Ballard Public Art Committee for the Ballard Utility Box Beautification Project to incorporate more public art on the streets of Ballard between 17th and 24th Avenue. The project will cover six Seattle Department of Transportation utility boxes on Market with vinyl wrap art. (Community match: $7,000)
  • $16,610 to Ballard Alliance for Summer Movies in the Park to increase use of the Ballard Commons Park. It will host five movies and a workout series which will draw in millennials, families, and baby boomers, welcoming all to enjoy a night together. (Community match: $9,200)
  • $16,800 to Crown Hill Village Association for Holman Grove: Creating a Heart for Crown Hill to activate the stretch of 90th between 14th and Mary Ave to test its potential as the ‘heart’ for the neighborhood through a series of community events held this summer. (Community match: $19,040)
  • $25,000 to the Nordic Museum for Nordic Sól: A Celebration of Arctic Culture, a new summer celebration to be held In August. In partnership with local and international institutions, Nordic Sól will showcase programming about the Arctic focusing on the environment, people, and culture. (Community match: $33,500)

District 7

  • $25,000 to Belltown 20 l 20 for Belltown 20 l 20: Organizational Launch whose purpose is to bring clear focus, coordinated advocacy, and a stronger community identity. The project will strengthen outreach efforts, branding, and support for the launch of a consolidated neighborhood leadership organization. (Community match: $12,560)
  • $12,177 to Interbay P-Patch Community Gardeners for the Interbay P-Patch Tool Shed Roof Replacement projectwhich will organize the Interbay neighborhood and facilitate the replacement of the tool and kitchen shed roof over the next six months. The project includes a site clean-up, scheduled work parties, and a celebration. (Community match: $6,500) $10,800 to Seattle Arab Festival for the Cultural Event to Celebrate Arab Culture in Washington which includes the construction of a souk (market) where artists and vendors can display their goods in an authentic setting. The Festival is scheduled for August 10-11. (Community match: $24,400)