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Meet Nate Moxley, our new Community Garden Coordinator

Nate Moxley joined our P-Patch Community Gardening team in January. Actually, he “re-joined” the team, having previously worked for the P-Patch program from 2009 – 2013. Nate is one of our P-Patch Community Garden Coordinators, working in collaboration with gardeners to coordinate 16 of our 89 community gardens throughout the city. 

Get to know more about Nate below:

Where did you grow up?

Mainly in Seattle but I spent a year in Guadalajara, Mexico when I was 12, a year in Denver, Colorado at 18 and a year in Quito, Ecuador at 22.  I did a lot of growing up in the four years I spent at Western Washington University in Bellingham, shout out to Casa Que Pasa and their potato burrito. 

What neighborhood do you call home?

Pinehurst – the motto is “just north of Northgate”.   I think it should be, “where the trees reign” or “big lots and bigger trees.”

What makes your neighborhood special?

I’ve come to love my neighborhood. It’s near Lake City (unrecognized for its diversity), home to Idris Mosque (the only one in Seattle) and has a great library. Pinehurst is the area of Seattle where trees begin to dominate the skyline. It’s like living in an urban forest. House lots are unusually large so you have room to breathe. There are several smallish parks, Thornton Creek access, the trail around Jackson Golf Park – all of these make a difference on those drab winter days.  With the redevelopment of Northgate and light rail coming in 2021, things are looking up for Pinehurst.

What did you do prior to joining the Department of Neighborhoods? What excited you about the work?

I worked at the P-Patch program from 2009-2013.  In my time away from the Department of Neighborhoods, I worked for Solid Ground’s Lettuce Link program as a Program Manager and for the Associated Recreation Council (non profit partner of Seattle Parks and Recreation) as an Operations Supervisor.  As with every job I’ve ever been excited about, it’s the variability of day to day tasks, interaction with a diversity of people, and meaningful work that positively impacts people.  I also really liked staff meetings with good food! Shout out to my folks at ARC for placing an emphasis on nourishing staff!!

What made you want to work at the Department of Neighborhoods?

The Department of Neighborhoods (DoN) has been described as the heart of the city. I couldn’t agree more. I appreciate the diversity of programs housed at DoN – all with a real commitment to equity, inclusion, and the Race and Social Justice Initiative. There is a culture at DoN that mirrors some organizations in the nonprofit community in terms of how everyone is seen and celebrated.

What’s your favorite place in Seattle and why?

My favorite outdoor place is a toss-up between Discovery Park and the Japanese Garden at the Arboretum.  My favorite indoor place is the Central Library because it’s a microcosm of the downtown community. It’s a place to learn, to rest, and to enjoy stunning architecture. 

What are you passionate about??

Solution oriented conversations and actions related to social and environmental justice.  Being outside in general, hiking, biking or snowboarding. Digging in the earth. Gardening as an act of sustenance and artistic expression. Working with wood and fixing things. I get a deep sense of satisfaction from restoring something old or fixing a broken appliance. Ping-pong.

Anything else you want folks to know?

If anyone wants to play ping-pong some time, you know where to find me.