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Updated September 17, 2021

Thanks to a tremendous community effort, Seattle achieved one of the highest 2020 Census participation levels in the nation!

What’s next? What happens with that Census data? How will the City of Seattle use this data to make decisions? How is any of this information useful to you? 

Get answers to these questions and more from the I Love Census Data virtual conversation series.  

stacynguyencreative‘s live graphic recording of the March 30th event

This series brings together community members, city agencies and staff, data professionals, and community artists for interactive presentations and conversation. You will learn about city facts and statistics and, most importantly, talk about what all this Census data tells you about your city.

We worked to connect the data to the lived experiences of real people in Seattle and to ensure the information is shared with policymakers, community leaders, and the public.  

I Love Census Data is a collaborative effort between the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, the City of Seattle Demographer, and the Seattle Office for Civil Rights.  


Thriving Youth in Seattle:  How Data Helps Youth Succeed
Tuesday, September 28th at 12pm noon to 1:30pm  

Data about Youth Demographics, Mental and Behavioral Health, Federal College Preparation Grants, and impacts of COVID-19 on SPS enrollment trends.   

In this session, we will learn about the latest 2020 Census demographics in youth and children; we will learn from Seattle Public Schools about their uses of data on mental and behavioral health in adolescence. Also, we will learn how the City of Seattle uses Census data to apply for federal college preparation grants such as Upward Bound Funding and more. We will also discuss what the enrollment trends in Seattle Public Schools are, and how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the beginning of the 2021- 2022 school cycle.  

Our guest Speakers for this session are:  

Diana Canzoneri – City of Seattle Demographer from the Office of Planning and Community Development  Diana will use the newly released 2020 Census data to provide highlights about growth and shifting demographics of the child population.

Holly Campbell – Seattle Office of Education and Early Learning  
Holly will discuss how the City of Seattle uses census data to provide community context on education achievement disproportionality when applying for federal grants.   

Hena Parveen – Seattle Public Schools Healthy Schools Coordinator Prevention & Intervention  
Hena will share latest findings from the Healthy Youth Survey and Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, and how this data is used to understand and address behavioral health needs among students 

Jeanine Needles – Seattle Public Schools Demographer  
Jeanine will discuss Seattle’s Public School’s enrollment trends, such as current in and out transfers and of course, COVID-19 impacts on Seattle public schools’ enrolment trends.  

Join us online, Tuesday September 28 from 12- 1:30   
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