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Seattle Redistricting Commission seeks feedback on newly amended draft map of City Council Districts 

The Seattle Redistricting Commission is in the process of redrawing the boundaries of Seattle’s seven City Council Districts. During the regularly scheduled Redistricting Commission meeting on October 18, 2022, the commissioners voted to amend the draft map.

The most recently amended draft map: 

  • No longer includes Fremont in District 7
  • Moves a southeast portion of Lawton Park into District 7
  • Moves a western portion of Southeast Magnolia into District 6
  • Moves all of Eastlake into District 3
  • Moves a western portion of First Hill into District 7

The amended draft map can be viewed at: Interactive Map | Dave’s Redistricting App | PDF

To obtain a physical copy of the draft map, please contact Logan Drummond at

Make a public comment

The Redistricting Commission expresses their deep gratitude to the public for their high level of engagement in this challenging process.

Members of the public are invited to submit comments on the proposed adjustments in this amended draft map. The Commission is specifically looking for input regarding the borders of Districts 6 and 7.

The public comment period will be open until the Commission files the final district plan on or before November 15, 2022. 

NOTE: The Commission plans to vote on the final map at their meeting on Tuesday, November 8.

You can share your comments: 

If you would like more information or to request interpretation services for any of the public forums, please contact Elsa Batres-Boni at or (206) 256-6198.

For more information about the Seattle Redistricting Commission, visit