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P-Patch gardens continue to grow in Seattle

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is pleased to announce the first full growing season of a number of new P-Patch Community Gardens.  In 2009 and early 2010 a total of seven new sites were opened, including Hazel Heights in Fremont, which recently opened in March. With the groundbreaking of these new sites, one hundred families now have plots to grow fresh food and engage with fellow gardeners and neighbors.

The plan for 2010-11 is to sprout up at least eight new or expanded gardens throughout Seattle.  The second round of projects funded through the Parks and Green spaces Levy will be identified this fall and from now until then, we welcome community suggestions for potential new garden spotsIf you know of a site that might be a good fit, please let us know.  You can submit your idea here.

Like all P-Patch community gardens, these projects will be public resources that build and sustain community as they are imagined, built, and cared for into the future.  Your good suggestions are a key first step.