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Save Seattle from Seriously Slippery, Slushy, Sloppy Sidewalks (say that quickly 3 times)

Photo: Dongho Chang

Seattleites, you are amazing!

Thank you for everything you’ve been doing to help your neighborhoods and your neighbors safely get through all this snow and ice. We’ve seen so many people out there lending a hand by shoveling snow, clearing drains, pushing cars, assisting neighbors in need, and so much more. ♥♥♥

Now, we’re in for another challenge. With all this snow and ice turning to slush, it is making for some seriously slippery sidewalks and pathways. This is partially what is making it difficult for Seattle Public Schools to safely reopen. And with a hard freeze expected tonight, it is essential to get as many of these pathways cleared today as possible.

The Mayor has asked City staff and neighbors to join together this afternoon to help make all sidewalks and pathways safe, so you may see City crews and neighbors out shoveling. Join them if you can!

While you’re at it, grab a photo and share it with us using #sharedshovel. We’ll feature you and your awesome neighborliness on our social media. 😊

Let’s all pitch in to make our sidewalks and pathways safe for school kids and everyone that needs to access them.

Other ways you can help keep your neighborhood safe:

  • Check on your neighbors to make sure everyone is ok, especially those who may need assistance – elderly neighbors, those who are differently-abled, and families. Check on their pets as well.
  • Clear storm drains of any snow or ice.
  • Watch for downed power lines. If you see one, please keep a safe distance (at least 20 feet) and report it to (206) 684-3000. If it appears to be sparking or smoking, call 911. Learn more at:
  • Take preventive measures to protect areas from landslides: check and maintain downspouts and drainage systems, inspect sloped areas for signs of erosion, keep fill and yard waste off slopes. Learn more at