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More than 17 tons of food donated by P-Patch gardeners in 2018

Did you know that P-Patch Community Gardens not only provide space for people to grow their own food but also grow food to share with food banks and feeding programs across the city?

In 2018, P-Patch gardeners donated 34,163 pounds (more than 17 tons) of fresh organic produce to more than 30 food banks, meal programs, and housing programs throughout Seattle.

These food donations came from our Giving Garden program, which is comprised of P-Patch plots specifically dedicated to growing food for donation. Individual gardeners also supplement these donations with food from their own individual plots. In fact, nearly one-third of the total food donations this year came from individual P-Patch plots.

In 2018, 54 P-Patch gardens participated in the P-Patch Giving Garden program. These gardens are stewarded by P-Patch garden volunteers who also handle the delivery of fresh produce over the growing season.

We would like to extend an enormous thank you to the P-Patch gardeners that generously donated their time, labor, and produce to help their neighbors who are struggling to feed themselves and their families!

You can find more information about the P-Patch Giving Garden program on our website.