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Take a Tour of the Get Engaged Toolbox

The Community Resource Hub is an online portal of City resources, information, and tools to help community members connect and engage with city government and with each other. Within the hub, there is a toolbox in each category full of “how-to” documents, videos, websites, tip sheets, and more. The Get Engaged Toolbox is geared toward folks who are starting to get involved in their community or with city government. Let’s tour the site and we’ll highlight what each section provides to you so that you can … Get Engaged!

Public Participation

This is where you’ll find out how to give comment on City efforts of all kinds, participate in elections, and see the calendar where City outreach efforts are centralized. Let’s take a look at Democracy Vouchers.

Public Participation section of the Community Resource Hub. Democracy Vouchers link is highlighted.

Democracy Vouchers
Democracy Vouchers are certificates that Seattle residents can use to help support their local candidates or use as a funding source to start their own campaigns. With elections approaching, Democracy Vouchers should be on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Civic Leadership

This section highlights ways that you can participate in decision-making and improve your leadership skills. One of these ways is serving on a city board or commission

Civic Leadership section of the Community Resource Hub. Boards and Commissions link is highlighted.

Boards and Commissions
Have you ever wondered how Seattle residents can help shape how the City does business? Boards and Commissions are filled with people who have expertise or are interested in topics that the City needs help with. There are over 70 boards and commissions that range from fire safety to the arts.

Community Improvements

Here you’ll find a handful of project ideas that neighbors (or people who share a vision) can tackle individually or in a group. One of these ideas is Adopt-A-Drain.

Community Improvements section of the Community Resource Hub. Adopt-A-Drain link is highlighted.

Volunteers from across the city can sign up to Adopt-a-drain. By registering, you commit to keeping the drain surface clear of leaves and other debris year round.

Community Building

For getting to know your neighbors, it’s hard to beat the fun ideas that are highlighted in the Community Building section which provides City-sponsored opportunities to get to know the folks who live near you. One of the best (and one we are partial to) is our P-Patch Community Gardening Program.

Community Building section of the Community Resource Hub. P-Patch Community Gardening link is highlighted.

P-Patch Community Gardening
Find space to grow food and flowers and get to know other urban farming enthusiasts. The P-Patch Community Gardening Program hosts 89 community gardens in neighborhoods throughout the city. Not ready to garden yourself? P-Patches are open to the public for strolling, sitting in quiet contemplation or learning about urban agriculture.

Neighborhood Safety

We know that residents play an important role in Neighborhood Safety and getting to know your neighbors is a good place to start. This section highlights ways to start a conversation with those who live near you and how to get more involved with safety programs offered through the City.

Neighborhood Safety section of the Community Resource Hub. Night Out link is highlighted.

Night Out
National Night Out is an event to encourage positive relationships between police and the communities they protect. It’s also a great way to meet your neighbors and it’s easy too. In fact, you can even get funding for it through our Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF)Small Sparks grant.

And, that’s just the beginning! Check out all the resources and information available in our Get Engaged Toolbox by going to!