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Get to know Daniel Sims, a new(ish) member of our Strategic Initiatives team

Daniel Sims joined the Department of Neighborhoods team in March. In his role as a Strategic Initiatives Advisor, he focuses on community outreach and engagement support on initiatives like the Bicycle Master Plan, Smoke Preparedness, and more.

Get to know more about Daniel below:

Where did you grow up?
Seattle, WA

What neighborhood do you call home?
Mt. Baker (although I now live in the Renton Highlands)! Woot Woot!

What makes your neighborhood special?
So many things make Mt. Baker a special neighborhood. The community, the parks, the proximity to the water, SeaFair and the Blue Angels. I have so many fond memories of growing up in MB, and I will always consider it my home.

What did you do prior to joining the Department of Neighborhoods? What excited you about the work?
I worked for Seattle Public Utilities for 14 years in various positions. My most recent position was a Senior Planning and Development Specialist with a focus on working with community to assist in the beautification of Seattle.

What excited me the most about the position was the direct interaction with community. I was able to work with engaged folks on creating opportunities to beautify their neighborhoods and control the conditions of their space. I enjoyed getting to know what was important to people in different communities. My position allowed me to understand how people truly perceived the issues they were facing.

What made you want to work at the Department of Neighborhoods?
I have worked with folks from the Department of Neighborhoods since I started my career with the City. The people I have worked with throughout the department have been exceptional. They cultivated an interest within me to work for a department that cares deeply about the community we serve.

I truly love community engagement and working on complex issues. Both of those opportunities are abundant in my current role. I could not be happier to have the position I’m in and to be able to serve the community.

What’s your favorite place in Seattle and why?
Southeast Seattle. The instant I cross S Jackson St heading southbound, I feel at home. The diversity, the culture, the parks, the people…it all reminds me of my childhood. I love Southeast Seattle more than any other area of the city.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about Seattle; I love this city with a fierce passion. Community engagement and elevating the voices of those who are often left out of the conversation. My friends and family mean the world to me.