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Seattle Renters’ Commission supports Transit Riders’ Union ORCA for All Campaign

Members of the Seattle Renters' Commission

Members of the Seattle Renters’ Commission have issued a statement in support of the Transit Riders’ Union ORCA for All campaign which envisions a near future when every resident and every worker in Seattle and King County has an unlimited transit pass in hand.

Excerpts from letter:

“The Seattle Renters’ Commission supports increasing transit ridership and infrastructure because renters and people of color benefit disproportionately. We also hope that many more renters would be able to take public transit if their employer subsidized the cost.”

“As traffic congestion worsens, income inequality grows wider, housing becomes less affordable, and climate catastrophe looms on the horizon, we need bold solutions. Public transportation helps in the fight for all of these and we should be encouraging more people to take public transit every opportunity we can.”

Read the full statement from the Seattle Renter’s Commission on our website under “Statements from the Commission.”

The Seattle Renters’ Commission (SRC) provides information, advice, and counsel to the Mayor, Seattle City Council, and departments concerning issues and policies affecting renters. Learn more at The SRC is staffed by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.