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Seattle Renters’ Commission Urges City of Seattle to Pass Ordinance Removing Practice of Credit Checks for Rental Applications

Members of the Seattle Renters’ Commission have issued a statement advocating for the City of Seattle to enact an ordinance which would remove the practice of credit checks for rental applications.

Excerpts from letter:

“Removing credit checks from apartment applications can level the playing fields between the “Haves” and “Have Nots.” This will be legislation that will make a positive impact on a great number of Seattleites and their access to greater housing choices.”

“The industry-standard of relying on credit scores to judge a person’s future behavior as a tenant ends up pushing many applicants into substandard housing, paying additional deposits, or forcing them to move out of the city and further away from economic opportunity.”

“As Seattle struggles with righting the wrongs created by redlining and restrictive covenants, we need to examine how credit scores directly undermine our goals to increase access to housing for populations who have been systemically barred from healthy, safe, and reliable housing.”

Read the full statement from the Seattle Renter’s Commission on our website under “Statements from the Commission.”

The Seattle Renters’ Commission (SRC) provides information, advice, and counsel to the Mayor, Seattle City Council, and departments concerning issues and policies affecting renters. Learn more at The SRC is staffed by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.