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Indigenous Advisory Council Member Profile: Esther Lucero (Diné  & Latina) 

Indigenous Advisory Council Member, 
Esther Lucero (Diné & Latina)
Esther Lucero (Diné & Latina)
Indigenous Advisory Council Member

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I am mom to a beautiful 8-year-old boy, Elyas Lucero, and wife to Melinda Garay (we were married one month before Prop 8 was overturned in CA). I am daughter to Lawrence and Mary Lucero and sister to Edward Lucero.  

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colo., and I am the third generation in my family to live in an urban environment. 

I was late to getting a formal academic education but learned many skills before that. 

I am a policy wonk at heart and driven by one vision – to transform all systems to return resources and power to our people. 

What inspired you to want to join the Indigenous Advisory Council (IAC) and what do you hope to achieve? 

The IAC is an opportunity to establish a model for City governments to be accountable to American Indian and Alaska Native communities. It also creates an environment to support collaboration among our Tribes and Native organizations to best meet the needs of our people. I also expect the IAC to have influence over policy changes, initiatives, and resources to ensure the advancement of our people in all ways. 

How does being Diné and Latina influence your life in the Salish Sea region? 

Although I hold much privilege in life, my identity as a queer, Dine’/Latina woman reminds me that I am a guest on this land and that I am not immune to the experiences of discrimination and inequities that are typically associated with all aspects of my identity. 

What is something that you bring to this role that will help the group work together? 

I am a solutions-oriented problem solver. I am also a creative and innovative systems thinker. I am also unapologetic in advocating for our people. 

What do you love most about living in this region? 

Being able to easily connect with the land and water. There isn’t a day that passes where I am not in awe of the beauty of this land. And how it feels like my son was born to be in the Pacific Northwest- he loves salmon, fishing, camping, kayaking, chopping wood, hiking, the rain…all of it. His happiness is everything.