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What’s the Big Idea?!

On September 15, the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods participated in PARKing Day by hosting mini-parklets in 10 different neighborhoods throughout Seattle. Our goal was simple: to spark conversations and gather ideas from community members.

We bribed folks with pastries and snacks but it became clear fairly quickly that Seattleites have a lot of ideas…and they are willing to share them whether you offer a doughnut or not! We asked them to write their ideas on sticky notes and place them on our BIG IDEA boards.

The ideas covered a wide array of topics, everything from bikes to affordability to public restrooms to trees…and even to individualized floating clouds that hover in front of our faces to cleanse the air.  The sky was the limit!

We want to share some of the more practical ideas that folks had and offer some follow-up. See a sampling below and follow us on social media using #EngageSeattle to see future posts.


IDEA: More public transit.

We agree! Right now, the City is adding 35,000 annual hours of additional bus service to 14 routes operating in the City of Seattle. Learn more at


image of idea for community engagement from builders

IDEA: Builders need to do more community engagement.

Seattle City Council is currently considering a change to the Design Review program that would require developer engagement with community. Our department will be a partner in this work. Get the latest update on this process at


image of idea for bike shop in Lake City

IDEA: Bike shop in Lake City.

Only in Seattle is a City program that helps business districts thrive. This program is currently in Lake City and could be a catalyst for neighborhood vision. Request for applications is now open. Learn more at


image of idea for community specific outreach

IDEA: Outreach from people in community to people in that same community.

Check out our Community Liaison program. This is a group of community members helping the City do outreach in over 30 languages. Their work is conducted in a culturally-specific manner allowing participants some comfort and familiarity while navigating the City’s processes. Learn more at


image of What's Your Big Idea

WHAT’S YOUR BIG IDEA?! Whether it’s a simple fix for your neighborhood or a big, bold change, we want to hear about it. Share your idea on social media using #EngageSeattle.