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Amigos de Seattle helps communities stay connected to culture and each other

Based in South Park, Amigos de Seattle hosts community workshops focused on folklore, art, health, and the environment and runs the community radio station, Amigos de Seattle Community Radio. Last year, the organization received a Duwamish River Opportunity Fund grant. We recently connected with Javier Matias to learn more about the organization and how the grant funding will help support its mission.

Can you tell me a bit about Amigos de Seattle and the work you do?

Amigos de Seattle‘s mission is to help the community with information on education, folklore, art, health, environmental justice, and communication. We have workshops covering Latin American folklore, art, international cooking, mental health, oral health, diabetes prevention, and basic communication workshops. Amigos de Seattle was founded in 2014, and in 2016, it was registered as a nonprofit 501c3. We have coordinated several projects with governmental entities including the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Department of Art and Culture, Department of Health and Environment, Department of Civil Affairs, Seattle Center, and King County, as well as organizations like Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network, and the Seattle Foundation.

How did your Community Radio project get started? How does it help bring community together?

The Amigos de Seattle Community Radio Project was born as a solution to social isolation due to COVID-19. Through online radio and social networks, social organizations will have the opportunity to carry out activities for cultural, artistic, folkloric, health, environmental and communication purposes, under the direction of Friends of Seattle non- profit 501c3.

The function of “Amigos de Seattle Radio” is to disseminate, in a professional and responsible manner, the work of community organizations and individuals interested in sharing their main substantive functions: teaching, research, cultural dissemination, as well as management, and transparency in order to contribute to the educational process, technology, laws, religion, culture, artistic folk, health, environment, sports and everything related to the Latino community, LGBTQ minority groups in the State of Washington. The community radio helps many communities connect with each other and share information in different languages.

How will the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund grant support the Community Radio Project?

The Duwamish River Opportunity Fund grant will support our community radio by helping fund production training curriculum and workshops centered on the LGBTQ+, Indigenous, and Afro-Latino communities. We will be hosting five workshops via Zoom on July 18, 19, 21, 26, and 30.  These workshops will be taught by two trainers including a member of the previous workshop as well as Professor Samantha from University of Antioquia.

There are still a few spots left for the workshops. If you would like to register, email before July 15.

To learn more visit or follow Amigos de Seattle on social media at:

Amigos de Seattle Community Radio is also available on both Android and iOS apps.